Requirements for subclasses?

I was thinking that subclasses should have other requirements in them other than levels. I already have a couple of basic requirements in mind, for example.

  1. Stats
    A Hunter would need atleast x strength and x dexterity to pick the Ranger subclass. A warrior would need x Vitalty to pick the tank subclass.
    If the stat requirements are low, this requirement would be best if you want to make the game less grindy for new players.

  2. Item / Mob Drops.
    A Hunter would need 1500 crab claws to pick another sub-class, or a mage would need 1500 spider fangs to pick another sub-class, or warriors would need 1500 of whatever goblin drops to pick another sub-class.
    Personally speaking, this requirement can grindy but to keep the balance of the game, i think that this would be good.

What do you guys think? Do you think there should be other requirements than certain levels?
Any opinions will be appreciated!

Maybe a challenging quest to be able to prove to yourself that you can wield the powers of your subclass.

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For the stats one I disagrees strongly maybe if the stat is the main stat of that class but for example a lot of warriors go full str and I a mage have full Intel (besides 3 dex). Also a lot of new players might go for glass cannon builds or maybe not know about the requirements causing them to grind even more. Also it gives a bit less freedom with you build but I can see it working. Love the ideas keep them coming! :smiley:

I see, perhaps stat requirements are not the way to go…