[Repost] Soul Bound (Guild)

Welcome to Soul Bound! We are an older guild that is currently reforming. This is just a reform of The Seven Deadly Sins Guild combined with Spellbound to create Soul Bound. Our guild is having a bit of a problem with inactivity, but you’re welcome to join and help us! We regularly hold events and fun activities for our members and plan on expanding soon.

What we do

We regularly hold events and activities in our guild and with out allies. Some of the many events we hold are:

  1. SQR and Shroompocalypse Runs
    We will regularly hold runs for our members to grind for Golden Mushrooms and Spider Eggs.

  2. Game Nights
    Every week a game night is held. Each time, a different guild hosts it. That doesn’t take away from the fun.

Our Main Rules

Any inactive members will be kicked from the guild. You will be given a second chance to rejoin if you feel like you can be more active but if you don’t join in on events every once in awhile, support the guild or our allies, or don’t talk at all you will be demoted to visitor. When joining, please plan on making sure you’re active, if so, don’t join the guild at all.

We are a friendly guild. Any breaking of rules will be met with a warn, and if severe possibly a temp ban or ban. We hope this won’t happen.

We are apart an alliance called the Coaltion. It currently includes Vindicate, Vest Area, Twisted Destiny, Speedy Bois, and Soul Bound.

Discord Link


We hope you join our growing guild! Seven Sins is basically relived onto Soul Bound, but if it stays inactive like this is could turn into something like the sevens sins. We are looking for new Fusion Two members (Council) and also a third leader to join our gang. Pandachuff and I are Fusion One.
Our guild is slowly dying! Our guild is in desperate need of members and any of our attempts are failing. Please, if you want come join our guild with the link! Thank you!

Fusion One- Leaders and head of the guild.
Fusion Two- Like a council, hosts events and talks with the leaders.
Fusion Three- A member, able to participate in events and join the ingame guild.


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It’s not a noun; when I wrote that earlier I wasn’t paying attention to what I was saying; I’m wrong about it being used as a noun. He just used it wrong in the context of a sentence.

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