Reobtainable Quest Items

I keep noticing that many players do not have certain weapons, usually because they used Cursed scrolls on them. One of my friends has been doing research on this, turns out the only way to really get these again is to use another slot and rebirth it over and over, gaining items, particularly from Sun Tablet and Lost Journal quests over and over.

I want to fix that issue, by making such items reobtainable. For instance, perhaps they are obtainable from the upcoming Ancient Temple dungeon (any word on when that’s coming out btw?) for ridiculous sums of that dungeon’s currency. I cursed my Terul’s Talon AND my Shattersun Dirk, so now I’m stuck using Savage Shank as a Ranger.
The devs want to make this game less grindy? Give us less of a reason to keep rebirthing a slot to get unique quest items again and again.

Well, use the mage hat in guantlet for 1, it heals cursed (they don’t fail) I read mechanics

It really does? NO FRICKING WAY! Welp, time to work on a mage slot (maybe just get one of my friends to do it).

i might be able to buy it for you, i have 700s on my trickster

Mushcoin is NOT a problem for me, my Ranger main is maxed. Just takes a couple hours in the Colo to get a couple G.

I See, eViL rAnGeR

Lmao 10-20 minutes of stingtails = 374s-1g easy

fLeX MiStEr :muscle:

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dude for real? any proof?

i thought the artifcer’s hat was a description, not an actual thing