Removing influence levels have in PvP

I believe levels shouldn’t be a factor in damage for PvP. Two players at a different level should be able to compete with each other without one of them dealing little/no damage to the other. A level 30 mage with no STR shouldn’t be able to beat a level 26 warrior easily to death with just a staff.

Leveling up gives stats on top of giving you a damage advantage over lower level mobs/players, so you would be much stronger against a level 29 as a level 30. Levels shouldn’t matter in PvP because higher levels already have more stat points spent than lower levels. Their builds and equipment should be the only thing that affects their damage in PvP; all players will be treated as the same level.

Uh…wouldn’t Magic Bomb be able to one shot a person with no points on vitality?

The user of said magic bomb wouldn’t have the major INT advantage though, so it wouldn’t do as much damage

I personally think this is a lovely idea, because then PVP can be an experience, level 15-20s can go to the coleseum without getting steamrolled by level 30s


just my opinion, but, i dont want to somehow lose to a level 17 at level 25

Well, you would have more stats and probably better upgraded gear, so that would be unlikely

Unless you’re absolute trash at PvP lol

Sidenote: Where is the Colosseum?

… somewhere in vesteria

Head from Seaside Shore Path to Scallop Shores and stay against the right wall of the map as you travel up the path.