Remove the whole scroll enchant lose slot system

That would just be making the grind hard beyond belief at that point. I think the system of scrolls is better here, especially when the recovery scroll is added. What’s good about the system in place is that you can get scrolls and silver fairly easy, meaning you could get the weapons you want to upgrade in bulk. And if you fail, you can simply buy another then try again if you have enough scrolls.

soooo, what you are saying is that the devs should make it so that you don’t loose enchantment slots but the scrolls are impossible to acquire.

yeah no, thanks. I prefer the way it is now.
yes, it’s annoying but its fair.

if you want a +7 100% scrolled weapon that gives a tiny boost to damage you can go right ahead
if you want a +7 10% scrolled weapon that gives you 2x more damage then you will have to give away a million.

and about the fact that

you do realise that 100% scrolls exist? right???
if you want to play it safe 100% scrolls are the way to go
if you want a bit more then you WILL have to risk the upgrade slots
and to add onto that in the future there might be scrolls that refund lost upgrade slots (needless to say they will be expensive)


ofc this is personal opinion but I would much rather have the upgrade system the way it is now instead of making scrolls unobtainable

The current system is frustrating at first but once you get a good upgraded weapon, you learn to appreciate it. If you want a good weapon or in @Cube’s terms a “God weapon”, you’ll have to risk the chances and hope for the best. If you don’t feel like you’re lucky enough or It isn’t worth it, you can just use 100% or 70% scrolls.

It’s the player’s choice if they want to play it safe and use 100% scrolls for the guaranteed upgrade or risk it and use 10% scrolls to have a chance at making that weapon even more “Godly”.

I mean
1 ancient scroll adds 12 damage to the bronze mace so 7 ancient scrolls would give +84 damage
now if that isn’t god-like then idk what is

They also add +1 STR each as far as I know :wink:

They do.

personally id just prefer the weapon broke and got destroyed, but then again there would also be an item that you can add to that weapon to prevent 1 destruction

Players are going to have to be forced to aleast get 2 10% scrolls on their weapon and maybe the rest with 70% to 10% if they wanna be in the same level gear as other players and considering that their is going to be an open world pvp later on during the end game. And Node wars having under gear and just rely on some dumb RNG scroll system. i mean i get it, they want to make this game like mapelstory but still you don’t have to copy every singel annoying element of it aswell. Or for the very least do this: Mapelstory 2 kinda did this where it would give you 2 option one is with this current version and one is safer version where it will cost alot of money but you would not have the risk of losing a slot.

1 10% scroll is already powerful, 2 is for extreme players. I also doubt there would be very many players with OP gear anyway unless they have great luck.

By rare i dont mean it’s next to impossible to get, Also you’d still be able to buy those scrolls from vendors to just in a higher price, this will obviously not be that big of a deal when there is higher level enemys and dungeons/Raids being added to the game, and there could be multiple of diffrent ways to get those scrolls aswell. Just slighty more rare to get then then what the game does atm, cuzz right now the game is giving away scrolls like candy.

But if the scroll system was your idea, there would be several people with +7 10% scroll op level 15 weapons, and it would ruin the challenge of getting a very good weapon.

well i have my thomahawk that has 2 10% scrolls and 4 70% scrolls in it which does around 100 damage getting it was a complety pain to get. Again i’m fine with having a scroll or an item that would re add your enchament slot as an alternative but i’d still pefer it my method instead.

its meant to be a paint to get

Eventually we’ll add scrolls to restore failed slots, just not yet.


Maybe a way to increase success chance % on a scroll? Even if only by a slight amount?

papa delivers

sure we’ll add that to our next scroll!



A Scroll That Insta-Destroys Your Weapon?

Here’s my idea: Combining scrolls.

You basically get two of the same scrolls and combine it to make a better same scroll that has a increased success rate. Now here’s the catch; it has a chance to fail combining scrolls (only for 70% and 10%).

Obviously, it would need more thinking and consideration.

Polymorphic has said that they will eventually add scrolls to restore failed slots. Also, to make sure this is most likely to be added:

These are maybe some of the solutions to the very frustrating scrolls system.

If you’re wondering whether I disagree with your idea or not; my answer is I disagree with your idea.