Release Details?

How much will the game be upon release? Will it have more than one world or just the mushroom area upon release? When do Saturday tests happen (i’m on US Pacific time and don’t wanna miss another one .-.)?

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The game will be R$1000 upon release, with no micro-transactions after that (if there are, they would be purely cosmetic based) There will be tons of worlds to explore, each with unique monsters. I’m pretty sure play-tests happen around Saturday afternoons, although I’m not sure what time.

1K??? rip my wallet, buying another $25 card

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To add onto Matt’s great reply… yes, we plan to make the game R$1,000 paid access on Alpha release (in about two weeks!!!)

We plan to stay paid access for a WHILE, maybe even forever. We also don’t have any plans to ever lower the price either.

If we do go free, we will reward the players who bought the game.

As for microtransactions, in paid access we won’t bug you with double XP coupons or premium currency. We have some plans for some quality-of-items that we will sell for Robux from a traveling NPC (masked man anyone?) but we plan for these items to be tradeable between players, so I think that actually makes it pretty fair.

Ultimately, there’s a balance between making the fairest monetization possible and this game making enough to support 3+ people working on it full-time and 10+ contractors, but you have my promise that we will do our best to balance these values.


question about paid access, will data be wiped when the game officially launches?


Oof, quite the high price. Time to whip out the debit card

Rip , i need pay 3.8x the original price for buy the robux with cash ;c That is to get the minimum of 1200 robux just by buying it