Regularly Held Vesteria Events

Vesteria gets bland sometimes when you just grind the same things over and over and over because it is the only viable thing to grind at the time. It’s either SQR, Shroompocalypse, or giants. Nothing else would be worth a person’s time to grind in terms of gaining value as quickly as possible.

This could be solved by holding events that wouldn’t take much time to create, but would allow players to be able to have fun doing something other than the current grinding meta.

Regular random events would keep the game fresh during content droughts and when Halloween/Christmas are out of season. Here are some examples of some possible events that could be held once a week or something and last a couple days or so:

  • Scarecrow Time - Scarecrows would have a chance to drop Evil Essence, which would increase your defense temporarily and cause your eyes to glow darkly, but lower your HP (basically the Spider Essence but for Defense). Evil Essence would be unobtainable until the event happens again.

  • Crab Rave - Crabby spawns would be drastically increased in Scallop Shores. They would be a level higher and have higher drop rates for their items as well.

  • Yeti Meeting - When Yeti spawns, there’s a chance that multiple Yetis could spawn at once, up to 4 at once.

I like these ideas since vesteria is quite repetitive and we need something different once in a while to motivate us to carry on playing. The evil essence should be implemented some time soon because we need a potion that increases our defense.


We definitely need some in game events.

This is probably the best idea I’ve seen so far with the most realistic chance of actually being added into the game.

take notes hehe

Very nice idea.

very nice idea that i think would make the game much more re-playable.

a very nice start and concept of these mini-events. i’d certainly start playing a little more if things like this happened on a regular basis

Bumping this since this would be a good idea for at least some replayability as well as to incentivize going back to older areas.

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This would make mid game so much more fun!

Very nice idea.