Regarding the Update

  • Have the update release ASAP.
  • Have the update come this weekend.
  • Have the update come after 2 more weeks.

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Why this weekend? If the update was planned for last weekend and it should of been done last weekend, then the update should be released as soon as it is completed because they are already behind schedule. There is no need to delay an update that is already completed.

Something very important/tragic must have happened to berezaa for him to not even announce a delay, so I’d say an appropiate time would be this weekend. He needs to be cut a bit of slack, too much demand from the community based on what I heard.

I think it should be released as soon as possible but not in a way that is like, grumpy.

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I’m pretty sure that berezaa has a perfectly logical excuse for not finishing the update this weekend, but I do not agree with the game’s update being pushed to this weekend.
The reason being, they had an entire week to work on the update, so I don’t think any further delay would be good for the game.
As you recall, the hunter base has been worked on longer than anything else. Also, berezaa already posted teasers for the equipment, which in my opinion, looks finished, and in his live stream, he was nearly done, i think, with the new npc’s, though I could be wrong about that last one.
The only thing left that I know of is the spider fix, which shouldn’t take long, because as berezaa said, they aren’t they hard to fix.
Furthermore, berezaa making the announcement that the update was “likely be released today”, insinuates that they were nearly done, so why push the update back that far if they are near complete?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not frustrated or anything, I’m simply providing reasoning for why I believe the update for the game shouldn’t be delayed to this weekend.

But I am still confused as to why the update is taking so long.
Unless there is something secret that the devs are keeping from us, I cannot find a reason why the update was delayed in the first place.
That being said, one of the secrets that the devs could be hiding from us is the fact that the “boss raid” was coming sooner than expected, and that’s why they are pushing the update.
I personally don’t know, all I can do is deduce, based off of the information I am given. Maybe you guys can try the game thing.
What secret update do you think the devs might have in store for us?

If my prediction is true, then I’ve ruined the surprise, sorry in advance @berezaa

This would explain it.

Ohhhh, cool. I haven’t really thought about the devs making abilities and stuff, as they have been only posting gear and new features and stuff on the Vesteria disc. A dungeon rn would be a really good way to make up for the delay.

another possible theory is that I saw somebody say something about Berezaa’s Granfather passing away, and so the update is delayed because of that.

If you’re lying, I hate you.
If you’re not, I feel so sorry for him.

Another possible theory is the roblox server issues. Roblox screwed up a lot last week, so that might have delayed some stuff.

Lol, roblox games were messed up, not roblox studio, I think they would still be able to work on the updates.

He’s not lying. Berezaa’s grandfather passed away.


Oh goodness, gosh, RIP BGP
BGP = Berezaa’s grandpa.

-_- why would I lie about something like that? ya theres the pic ^

cough And the same update still isn’t out yet cough

reviving this topic cuz y not, its still relevant

weekends just seem more convenient tbh but like, I guess it wouldn’t rly make tht much of a difference anyway(just w8 3/4 more days (ツ)_/¯

(realizes this was from last week… o fric)