Redwood Pass NPC 'Yeti' boots

I think there should be another fun way to get Yeti boots. There is an NPC on the snowy mountain of redwood pass named Sid That will give you items if you defeat a certain amount of baby yetis (Mountain Patrol). I think there should be an extension to that quest where if you do the quest 5-10 times he will have special dialogue about how me made you some boots with the yeti fur you gave him, and then you will receive yeti boots, Exp, and some silver for your efforts. I think this is a very fun idea and could be implemented into the game in the next coming updates. I have a photo of the NPC in case you’re not sure who he is.
I hope you like the idea! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please let me know.

As an add on, or rework, the clothing he is wearing could be implemented into the game, and act as the reward he gives you instead of the yeti boots.

maybe a weaker version for lower lvls


I like that idea! it could be just like t he yeti boots but have a little less of everything, and you could only get it from Sid, since baby yetis are a bit weaker.

I was just about to say how getting yeti boots after killing about 300 baby yetis is kind of op but I see your post about the weaker version and now I give this idea a thumbs up :+1:

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Perhaps instead of the 5-10 quest repetitions he can have an initial quest like the Shelly quest and then boots can be aquired through RNG, just like the Snel hat. Anyways I think this is a fun idea!


Maybe instead of Yeti Boots, a new headgear item like the one Sid is wearing. ’Yeti Hood’ maybe? I’d think that would look pretty cool especially if dyed.


also don’t vote for your own idea

How about the RNG comes after 5 runs with the quest, because if you got some sort of yeti item on the first try, that would be a bit too op.

tbf with a 1/120 chance of snel helmet 1/120 chance for boots would be pretty hard to get

true, how about we go with your initial quest idea

Please, they are common enough.

Already got 10 I can’t get rid of and counting.


can you provide my adventurers free boots?

I have an idea, maybe you could make a donation to my giveaway system for my cafe. We could giveaway like 2 pairs of yeti boots or something.

votes got forgotten about
no need to mini mod

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Hi. I’m pretty sure this is considered necrobumping cause this isn’t related to the post ( though the post may still be relevant).