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UNDERoATH is a newly founded guild full of Vesterian players who want to explore, play, and experience the whole of what Vesteria has to offer. UNDERoATH is currently owned by me, @Anti_Immortal, a beta and alpha player dedicated to Vesteria’s intuitive gameplay and economy. Our players are kind and welcoming, experienced users who love interacting and playing with Alpha and beta players alike. We have hopes of making a guild where players can interact with each other, have fun together, and to have their own say in Vesterian related matters.

Why should I join?

-UNDERoATH optimizes player’s experience. Our guild is there for all of those players who want to talk about and enjoy Vesteria.

We are open to any visitors from other guilds.



  • don’t be a jerk
    swearing is not allowed, which will result in a warning.
    no spamming please.
    no harassing. Bullying is also not permitted and can lead to an instant mute for 1 - 2 hours.
    no politics, drama, discussion of banned members, etc…

other stuff
no suspicious links (or files)
no irrelevant memes in #general, dump random memes in #memes

: it is expected that you know all the rules at this point.


"Why haven’t I been accepted into the Order yet, after I have already submitted an application?"

-A: Our moderators and recruiters need some time to review your request, which can take up to a day, mainly because of different time zones. Please excuse us if there is a delay.

"Who should I contact for guild related questions?"

You may contact me or any of the moderators at our discord page or directly at @Anti_Immortal, or Anti_Immortal#3735. I will respond as soon as I can.

"What are the giveaways? When do the giveaways come and how do I receive the reward?"

Giveaways are one of the fun add-ons we do in our discord. The reward can range from money to items like dyes, weapons, etc… We post giveaways every Saturday, with hopes of later in the future having giveaways everyday! If you are picked for a giveaway, we will contact you on how and when you would like the reward.
"When will other cool add-ons come, for example tournaments?"
Tournaments will be coming in the near future, with hopes of making small tournaments every week and a big events every month.

guild alliances
  • Gold Resistance

Invite Link:

Current Moderators:
Power_Powered, Electric Quake:

members who want to be apart of the UNDERoATH Order must submit an application on why you would want to join here:

please note our guild system works on a first come, first serve basis, meaning that players who submit their application before others will have a higher priority than other players who submit their application later.

Representative from another guild? Join us today! Contact one of our moderators for more details!