Recruiting for the Olympics

Hello there, my name is Strolertus2, and we, the Chad guild, are recruiting for people who wish to participate in the Vesterian Olympics organized by @Boomgoeslevi.
as of now, we need 1 more member so that we can participate in the olympics.
you can still join if we have 5 members until we reach 10 members in our in game guild.
if we reach the 10 member cap, you can still join and chat with us.
That is, if you meet the requirements below.

Guild Requirements

To be in the Discord guild, aka, become a Chad, you need to be max lvl, be active 2 - 7 days a week and be active on Discord.
You MUST need to show proof that you are max lvl.


Me, Srtolertus2 - Officer
Kiritsuguu - Officer
Kuroshitsuji - Officer
Morgan_Freeman/Chaddinator - Guildmaster/Owner

Welp, thats all that i have for now.
Here is the guild if you wanna check it out.