[Recruiting] Celebrating 1 Year of PoTM!

It used to be Soulbound, Twisted Destiny, Vindicate, Speedy Bois and Vest Area, but Soulbound disbanded and there is some stuff going on rn



Mystical is still active? Mmmmmm

we’re making an updated guild post soon
plus the DISCORD LINK this time


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What is this, like the 10th time you threatened us? Whatever.

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who said I was the king of the castle
go talk to harley or something if ur scared i’m gonna do something

I never said you were.

i just noticed you called it mystical lol
its mythical

Oh opps

gee didn’t we say that you would come back

also can you guys please stop bringing other guilds into this

Long live DotM

Comma splice error in first sentence. It currently reads:

It should read:

I think its time I join an actual active guild for once, I need something to keep me playing…

Thanks, I might like using commas a bit too much.

hah lol i got kicked

im so active amirite

wow epic subclasses release on PoTM birthday

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update: bean noob yes