[Recruiting] Celebrating 1 Year of PoTM!

Celebrating 1 Year!

On this day one year ago the Protectors of The Mushroom, Vesteria’s oldest living guild, was created by @GeneralOmegus. We have thrived throughout the months, Alpha and Beta, and we’re proud to have made it to one full year of activity and strength. It’s hard to express our extreme gratitude to previous Company members, and the Order. Thank you all for all of your support. We cherished the moments and hope for many more. To another year of the Order! :wine_glass:


Let’s take a closer look at PoTM:

The Company

The Company is the leading role of PoTM; previously just a member role, the Company quickly became a rank only for the most prestigious of guildmates. It currently has 7 members, with 30 different people having been in it; there was a ritual of stoning to enter the Company, however this can no longer continue due to the removal of the skill.

The Current Company:

JonnoTheGamer, The Technician of The Company
Metapoly, The Sin Slayer of The Company
Atomilogical, The Sentinel of The Company
Cthoma23456, The Swordsman of The Company
Seitto, The Artificer of The Company

The Full Company

Every Company member ever, in order of promotion:

GeneralOmegus, The Harbinger (now Philosopher) of The Company
iiAriesy, The Huntress of The Company
Kenderos, The Shadow of The Company
Bean602, The Ancient Mage (now Court Wizard) of The Company
TheOfficialSin, The Unmovable (now Guardian) of The Company
Josh_Agilities, The Cloaked Bandit of The Company
HarryisBeast, The Cabbage God of The Company
RavenousZen, The Mushroom Mage of The Company
Vultaan, The Great Slayer of The Company
JonnoTheGamer, The Crab’s Bane (now Technician) of The Company
ZimWolf, The Monster Hunter of The Company
avoiided, The Librarian of The Company
Hani96, The Demon Slayer of The Company
BloxConquest, The Conquistador of The Company
ArcaneFxre, The Magician of The Company
Metapoly, The Sin Slayer of The Company
Zxrceus, The SpruceWood of The Company
WhaleVEVO, The Noob of The Company
Artheus7, The Fortress of The Company
Gnome_S, The Executioner (now Jester) of The Company
TheOfficialBless, The Holy Paladin of The Company
BenD101, The Strategist of The Company
LeSamton, The Patient of The Company
PaoloGamer16, The Philanthropic of The Company
HydraSynthesis, The Vanguard Sharpshooter (now Vampire) of The Company
Atomilogical, The Midnight Death (now Sentinel) of The Company
ComradeAids, The Comrade of The Company
LordCOOOOOOT, The Killstealer of The Company
Cthoma23456, The Farmer (now Swordsman) of The Company
Seitto, The Artificer of The Company

The History

Timeline of the Protectors of The Mushroom:

November 8th, 2018 - GeneralOmegus creates PoTM
November 18th, 2018 - Vesteria Alpha releases; PoTM Forum Post
December 15th, 2018 - PoTM and 7 Sins start war
February 26th, 2019 - GeneralOmegus leaves PoTM, ownership passed to Vultaan
March 10th, 2019 - Re-creation of PoTM by PaoloGamer16 who gains ownership
May 25th, 2019 - Vesteria Beta releases
June 2, 2019 - PoTM’s Second Forum Post
July 12th, 2019 - Ownership transferred to JonnoTheGamer
August 19th, 2019 - PoTM officially joins the Alpha Alliance
November 8th, 2019 - PoTM’s first birthday! And subclasses!
November 9th, 2019 - Thanosbean ruins guild, restored approx. 1 hour later

The Guild's Current State

Our Ranks:

Visitors are the people just visiting us
The Order are the guild’s members
The Company are the leaders of PoTM
Additional Ranks include Vesteria Team and Guild Representative

Current Guild Stats:

Total Discord Members: 57
Visitors: 21
Order Members: 24
Company Members: 5
Guild Stash: Currently untracked
Guild Activity: High
In-Game Presence: Too busy playing Miner’s Haven (small)
Updated: 23 November 2019 2:30 PM EST

We’re Recruiting!

Besides PoTM’s first birthday today, we are also recruiting! If you would like to join the guild or just visit, join the discord and make your application. You must be level 30 to join The Order, and there are no specific requirements if you just want to visit. You can type your application in the #guild join channel. If you have any issues joining, or are muted, just DM a company member so they can help you fix it.

Want to join? Click here!

This post may be updated to maintain accuracy.


hah serenity is older

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yes but potm wasnt dead for like 7 months
serenity’s first message was march 10 2019 by a bot but no human spoke in it until the 20th

smh starting beef :pensive:

guys, declare war :clown_face:

Nice, a guild that survived for a year.

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Happy Birthday, SS isn’t that far away! (exactly 1 month and 29 days)

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Congrats on this achievement! Not many guild will last this long.


Oh mah gawd i’mma go jump off a building now

thats a le epic funny right there

it bring back memory


Lol me and cthoma are active in game

2 out of 7 is moderate?

Bean and I played recently, and Seitto sometimes plays as well

yall ever just pLaY rECenTLy

I miss the pixelmon server
bring it back :pray::pray:

Come on coalition, the deadline to take these people down is getting nearer

who’s in this coalition

the best guilds obviously