Rebuilding Mushtown - A quest idea

“Mushtown has taken a lot of… hits recently with the shrooms n’ all.
Y’know, I had a dream once that Mushtown was the best, most finest city in all of Vesteria…”

-Mayor Noah

If only there were a kind of hard, level 50 quest that you could do that reinforces, or helps mushtown from the clutches of the Shroom kind forever.

I mean, look at this place. It’s covered in tents and broken structures!
You may as well help this town a lil’, right?

The quest idea I have is basically, at level 50 you could talk to Mayor Noah.
He’d talk about being sick of having mushtown in such a kind of broken state.

If you want to help him, he’d ask you to first lend some spare money, maybe some gold or platinum even, to pay for rebuilding Mushtown. Then he would ask for resources you gather, like a LOT of wood and stone and metal you gather from professions.

Then construction would begin, and in a cool cutscene a lot of Mushtown would be rebuild and/or changed for the better.

There’d be more houses and businesses opening, bridges rebuilt, and broken things repaired. Also, the mushrooms would be more contained. (They’re still there, or else it’s not MUSH town anymore)

But you’re not just done yet, Noah needs you to recruit some guards for the entrances of Mushtown, so he gives you some special currency and asks you to recruit guards. You run around the city, finding strong adventurer NPCs and ask them if they could guard Mushtown, and they do.

The guards are stationed at the entrances, keeping Mushtown safe from shrooms forever.

Mayor Noah is overjoyed by Mushtown’s rebirth.
He also might give you some super cool mushroom ability to learn, or maybe new Mushtown themed crafting recipies.
Now that Mushtown is a safe, big town, more shopkeepers and houses come, and they might even give you some lore.

So that’s my idea for a quest, any suggestions?

This seems like a really cool idea!


Yeah this is a really fun idea, reminds me of BotW!

Love this idea and all, but quick question: would Mushtown and repaired Mushroom be two separate maps, like the gauntlet and Hunter occupied gauntlet? And if so, if a high level wanted to go to the not repaired Mushtown to help a new/noob friend, how could that be possible?

probably the same way the gauntlet works, if there is a player in ur party without the new mushtown then you would be brought back to the old mushtown

It could be set up where the entirety of mushtown 2.0 is in an underground cave. That cave would be a teleporter zone, and like gauntlet, you’d need to finish the questline before you can enter it.

I love this, it would encourage the use of professions and would give people a reason to come back to mush town at max Lvl

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I like the idea of rebuilding the city, but I feel like some of the quests should be more than just grinding. Maybe there’s a special level 50 mush apoc like dungeon that you can only do once (for this purpose) that would be both very hard, and relate to this is some way (This isn’t my best idea, but I feel like there should be something more difficult and entertaining than grinding for a players final quest)


This is really cool! I can simply imagine the fun and the happiness you will get from this quest. The satisfaction will be amazing. The quest rewards sound good too, a new skill. Maybe something like, a mushroom trampoline sounds cool.

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