Real Explaination for the "Random Damage" Glitch

Okay, so a lot of people have been reporting glitches such as, “poision damage glitch” “invisible damage glitch” etc., but nobody seems to realize what the actual glitch is. After taking the time to analyze this, however, I have deduced the ACTUAL cause of this glitch. The glitch occurs when an enemy kills a player. For some reason, whenever this happens the enemy gets locked into a state where they constantly attack. You can visibly see them looping their attack animation whenever it does so, and the damage subsides when the enemy(s) is/are defeated, further implying this is the case. Why the range of their attack is ignored is unknown to me, however.

At any rate, all that is needed to repeat this bug is simply the following:

  1. Have a player die to an enemy
  2. Have player(s) return to enemy’s vicinity

I’m not sure if other variables will effect this, such as multiple players being within’ targeting range of the enemy, but I’m certain that this is the cause of the seemingly random damage everyone’s been complaining about. I hope that this information will prove useful in patching it, seeing how it basically prevents under-leveled players from even approaching most areas.


Well when I got dmg by crabs I see the atk’ing animation of then… so I think that the cause is from the hitbox of a player/mob. Any other idea?

That’s assuming they use hitboxes, aduhacknao182. It seems to me that enemies attack within a certain radius around them from what I can tell, although I could be wrong. It’s not like I’m on the dev team or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:
At any rate, whatever protocol the attack normally follows to register a hit is being ignored, and instead simply damages anyone in the vicinity.

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I don’t think they use a hitbox either. The enemies move and they would have to use a weldConstraint or Motor6D with an unanchored hitbox. With 20 or so enemies that could be quite laggy.

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Maybe there’s an error in a loop code lol

don’t think they use loops too much, especially not when using it on enemies, maybe its just like if its in its part it changes a value then an onChanged event is fired to take dmg

Oof this post went and got mega debunked.

I Agree. People Should No Longer Be Talking In Here.