Readjust the stackable items cap

Lots of items in the game don’t stack quite as high as some players would like. My suggestion is to hopefully keep things balanced but also make players enjoy sorting their inventory a little bit more.


Arrow cap being increased to 150 was definitely a cool move, but I’m still not sure that it’s enough.


The quiver!
The quiver can hold as many arrows as you want with no limits! The downside is that you have to wear it as an armor slot in order to access the arrows inside. The quiver would be a level 10+ item that costs 5 silver, and is required for the bow to be equipped. Arrows that are inside would be represented by the tooltip so that you know how many are inside. Also, there should be a number somewhere on the screen that shows you your current arrow count and turns red when you drop below 150 arrows.

The ranger armor available in the hunter shop currently would have a quiver built in and they would both pull from the same pool of arrows. Arrows would be saved per character but would also be removed from the player inventory and dropped on the ground if you destroy or sell your only quiver.

Mob Loot (all kinds)

I personally think that all mob loot should stack as high as “currency” loot.
Let me explain.
Royal Eggs stack above 99. I don’t think anyone except developers have reached their maximum limits yet. I personally feel that everything from Yeti Antlers to Goblin Ears to Crabby Claws should stack as high as Royal Eggs can so that there isn’t such a hard limit. Only being able to stack 99 each, even after the stack updates, is a huge pain.


As of right now, all potions stack to 32. I suggest that potions that restore 50 stack to 256, potions that restore 100 stack to 128, potions that restore 300 stack to 64, stat potions/flagons/horns/whatever else stack to 32, and mushroom soups stack to 16.


Work the current system, i can see changing stack amounts being problematic for scrolls, especially since they’re consumable. However, I think all scrolls should stack to 16. This would be extremely helpful for when doing SQR because you wouldn’t run out of space so fast for other loot like potion packs.

Premium consumables (Dyes, tomes, megaphones, etc.)
This one is no longer in a spoiler since the poll for it was broken.

I personally feel that all premium consumables should stack to either 8, 16, or 32. I’m willing to let the people decide on this one for how much they think this should stack to, because I don’t want it to be broken, but I also favor ease of use, and I couldn’t decide on an amount that wouldn’t be broken.

  • 8 consumables
  • 16 consumables
  • 32 consumables

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I also wanted to ask if you think dyes alone should stack to less or remain at 1. Here’s a poll for that.

  • Dyes should keep the same stacks
  • If everything else stacks to 32, dyes should stack to 16
  • If everything else stacks to 32, dyes should stack to 8
  • If everything else stacks to 16, dyes should stack to 8
  • I think dyes should continue to stack at 1 no matter the results

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(PLEASE NOTE! Me saying “Dyes should keep the same stacks” means it should be equal to the other consumables! If you think it should only stack to 1, you need to change your votes!)

What parts did you agree with? What parts so you think need to be changed or improved? What other items can you think of that need improvements? Feel free to add your comments down below!

Now, it’s voting time!

  • I like every idea.
  • I think improvements or changes need to be made (comment below).
  • I’m neutral.
  • I’m against it.

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Thanks to the dev team for making this amazing game, and for putting user suggestions into the game. You’re all amazing, community included.

I personally think that the arrow stack cap is way too low. i’m sitting here with half my miscellaneous inventory filled with arrow stacks, leaving no room for stuff that I actually need in there for quests.

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I updated the thread again with mob loot. Consider recasting your vote after reading!

@tekgewet @Alecazam @Tankerguy2 @Meta @Alexander_Repp @Kyleocraft @geo_cant_draw @LeSamton
Please cast your votes on the first two polls! They were initially broken, but they have been fixed!

I feel like an easier way to split stacks would also be welcome along with this.

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wait, I thought that consumables already stack to 32 in ur consumable inventory but they combine in your hotbar?