[READ ME] Rules of Communication

Rules of Communication

In this topic, readers will learn my personal philosophies to formal communicating with others and be able to apply them to their own lives.


While I’d like to start this off as a humble topic, this is something that should better be left to asserting my dominance with. You can take this topic one of two ways, I am wrong because you did not read it, or I am right because you understood it. As my U.S. History teacher says, “I know what I know because I know what I know, but some people think they know what they know, but they don’t know what they know.” I know what I know because I made the mistakes to learn what I know. No one starts with this knowledge and no one will ever start out with this knowledge, it’s something you have to learn by making the mistakes. This is a lesson I can only teach you once, and from there, you will only be able to learn it by failing tests.



When engaging with someone be cautious, since you are the one engaging you to have the most to lose. I mean this literally, in my experience, most people don’t think this way often, and that’s okay because you have to start somewhere; but when you are engaging with someone you are projecting your personality on them using words selected by your subconscious and conscious mind. When you speak what first comes out of your head, you’re using your subconscious mind and that is when you are most vulnerable and most readable. Thinking before you speak is a simple, but an important lesson to learn.

Depending upon who you are talking to and for what reason, make sure to choose the correct greeting as we live in a society with certain behaviors and patterns conditioned into us. Our mind is subconsciously always looking for these things and when observed can persuade our conscious mind a great deal. Make sure that the observed behavior from the person you are greeting is the one that is most convenient for you.

Keep formal and informal separate. If you’re engaging the person in a formal manner, do not try to get to know them unless they make the first attempt at getting to know you. When engaging formally, you’re asking for respect from another, and out of respect he/she we will respond to your conversation; however, an informal conversation is a means of entertainment and has no direct knowledgeable information exchange. This means that it is not necessary, nor does it ask for respect. Attempts at gliding a formal conversation into an informal one will go unnoticed or shut down the conversation, there is no presumable reason for one to engage in a conversation out of entertainment when the conversation is formed from a formal statement or question.

If you’re being engaged, almost all the same rules apply, except to the opposite perspective.

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