Re-work of Terror of the Deep

Continuing the discussion from Reworking the Terror of the Deep: Make it a World Boss like Yeti
and Petition to add back Terror Of The Deep :

After reading both of these topics, I’ve actually had a great idea on how the Terror of the Deep could be reworked, and this idea would relate a lot to the upcoming guild update.

@JUSTFORCAUSE has raised a good point, stating and there are a lot more expensive items, and whispering dunes gear cost more than what “rare” items were during last June/July.

So how this idea would work, is that it would be turned into a weekly boss, spawning every Sunday, 12 AM EST. There would be a dungeon entrance at Shiprock Bottom, consisting of a few Hunters, level 30 aquatic themed weapons and armor, a gate similar to the gauntlet entrance, and a leaderboard. The Terror of the Deep would have around 2 billion hp (SQ has 2.5 million hp, just for people to scale).

The raid

Players from the same guild could create a party and challenge the Terror of the Deep 3 times every Sunday, where they would deal as much damage possible in 3 minutes. If they die, there would be no penalty and the dead players would be teleported back to Shiprock bottom unless revived.

I know that this idea isn’t too clear and it would basically work like a bit like this:

(Screenshot taked from Art of War)


The Terror of the Deep would “die” once it hits 0 health and the event would end and players would have to wait for next week. Players would earn “whale fins” or some kind of currency and you could earn the gear mentioned above.

The leaderboard would show the guilds which dealed the most damage, and the top 10 could have some bonus reward.

I hope you liked my idea and feel free to give ideas below.
@Davidii please read :>

Rip the people living in the US

I’m sure we can figure out a good time. What do you think of the idea anyways?

I think this idea would give an incentive for players to join guilds.I hope that the event will not only end once the boss dies because once the hype dies out, it might take forever to kill. I suggest making it available until killed or until a certain time has passed.

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If Spider Queen has 2.5M HP, 2M drops to 0 in like 3 seconds to a Ranger of any worth.


I think it would probably be 12 pm est because the devs are on est as well

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You could make it 12am and 12pm est changing every week, or just make it run twice a week. I also recommend it be on Saturday because people in Europe live ahead of time.

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@MegaCactus @Keegan_Glynn Just had an idea. What if we made it 12PM EST for the first week, then 12PM PST for the second week, then 12PM GMT for the third week then cycle?

I’d be cool with that (Saturday though)

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That’s fairly good, actually. I notice that the player count is almost nil while school is in session (at least, here on Eastern Seaboard), meaning most players are likely school-aged. This would allow for some players who may not be able to get on as often as others to have a chance.

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I seriously like this ideas :+1:
Keep up with your great suggestion and story

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I’m stuck with the story progression a bit…

I’ll try to release it asap, I promise.

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