Rat king raid: Ratty Ambush!

Ratty Ambush!

Heard this in the Vesteria Discord and thought that I could bring this idea to light and maybe delve into how this could work.

Ratty Ambush would be a raid for lower level players (20-30) similar to the Gauntlet. The player would complete the Rat King quest, then talk to the former Rat King. The player would speak with the former Rat King and he would explain that he does love rats but there has been an overpopulation issue, he would ask for your help clearing out the sewers.
You would accept and delve into a giant Sewer pipe, Humanoid Rat Mutants and regular Rats set up territory in this giant pipe building a sort of civilization. You would begin to slay the Rats, they would have a 60% chance to drop a Rat Claw or a Rat Eye. which could be used as a currency to buy cosmetics that the rat king would buy off of you for various items (Headgear Def scroll, Ratty mask/Helmet.
You could accept this quest once per hour considering the drop rate of the Rat Claw/ Rat Eye reducing it being too easy to farm.

Glad I could bring this idea to life and delve into it. Have a great day :smile:

Cool idea! Would be fun to have something besides SQR and shroompocalypse to farm

Thank you :smile:

Im kind of scared

We honestly need more sewer enemies, so Iā€™m all in for this. Also make the shop sell ancients too because ratties (and batties) drop ancients.

tHiS mAn iS A GeNiUs

I think if this gets added, SQR would need to be shifted to be level 30-40 since it would be sort of redundant to have two 20-30 dungeons.

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You do have a point, also dependent on what the shop has, SQR might even be useless to grind at unless you are killing colossal spiderlings.

Ratty Ambush would just be a gauntlet style type raid :smile:

I was thinking the shop selling maybe stuff that you dont usually get such as maybe a few cosmetic hats, and headgear defence scrolls. (To make it fair to SQR)

This is a actual good idea I hope your Idea gets into the game!

This idea sounds really fun

this would make mid game less boring.