Rat heads, tails, and bats : The menace of trading

For such items like rat heads, mob drops, or even potions / certain amounts of items, you cannot decide whether or not to drop a specific amount like buying or selling items to a vendor. Everytime I have to sell say, 27 rat heads from my 99 stack, I can’t, as I can’t individually split the stack of 99 heads into 27 sets of singular rat heads in my misc. inventory.

Making an item like a potion or mob drop to be selected in a specific amount that it takes from the whole would make trading mob drops and potions to a friend or a buyer so much easier and less time consuming.

Well, you can split stacks, although it’s slow and time consuming; you have to pick up the stack and right-click it into another slot, one at a time.

That’s what I’m saying, make it so you don’t have to do it that slowly, and can buy / drop it into another slot with a slider or a box where you type in the specific amount.

That would be the dream.

So kinda like minecraft inventories? Sry if I’m not getting it but that is what seems like a good idea to me.

I mean yeah, minecraft gives some pretty good ways to split stacks

Heck, even right-click to take half would be enough.

I’d like too see that happen actually.

Just no block-hit pls. We don’t need Kensai to turn into the Roblox TechnoBlade.

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