Rangers are broken

So uh, I was doing some sqr as a lv 40 mage. The first thing i see is this lv 35 ranger do almost 2x my damage with its arrow rain. Its ridiculous. Ive seen people do over 2k dmg per tick of it. It just seems a little unfair that while some people have to spend hours upgrading and getting the best gear, then a guy 5 levels lower than you do twice your damage. Please. Nerf. Ranger.

P.S: I saw this guy use ranger stance with a dagger. Is that a glitch?
I know this sounds like a rant sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes rangers stance with the dagger is a glitch

Yeah rangers can do a lot of damage with the right gear and stats. Dagger stance can be used to kill bosses quickly and people have used it before.

they have tried to nerf ranger imo by removing hold to atk, but that’s just my opinion

Bear once stated that hold to attack would be added back for rangers stance but im not sure what happened to that

I think bere found out that players were auto clicking I guess

Guess so

Ranger stance (the thing that turns rangers int machine guns) is being removed, so thats a big nerf for us expecially during boss fights

It’s being removed? Nice. Hope they don’t underpower rangers again though.

they never stated that they’re removing ranger stance. It’s most likely false information.

I heard it from multiple people including a tester, so I think its true

Will be replaced with a smoke bomb skill for Rangers.

what will smokebomb do?

Thank you for asking the question I forgot to ask, I wanna know too

I swear berezaa took all the power from Assassin and Trickster and funneled it all into Ranger

And now I guess he’s trying to take it back out using a burette

Assassin still can reach speeds of Macb 10 and keep it up for a while with the right conditions.

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(I’m talking about pvp because pvp is pretty easy whatever ur sub.)
Doesn’t help much when you can’t do any dps hehe. Trying to shunpo any warrior would be the worst deduction ever and any mage could easily magic bomb you if you get too close. Though I do like shadow walk (which I’m waiting to max when the level cap increases). That shadow clone barrage skill thing (sorry haven’t played on my assassin or vesteria for a while,) doesn’t do enough dps in pvp situations compared to how much damage you take.


Very balanced.