Ranger Questions

Questions about rangers (obviously):

I see some rangers go 30 vit for the lifesteal. Should I use this?

Is 50 Dex and rest STR the best option? If I use a Mogloko mask, would that replace a large amount of stat points needed, but I would need more for STR (and vit if I use that…)

Is ranger still as busted as it was a months ago? I remember everyone would go ranger and there’d be no assassins at all, but now I’m starting to see a few more.

Do I max barrage? Or do i just do shunpo and execute points mainly?

ty all ^^

ranger stat build (in my opinion):
70 str 77 dex
ranger gear: ranging gear, if not have then go sandshulker, moglo mask, and what ever boots you want, sandshulker, ravager, I dunno.
ranger skill build: (IN MY OPINION) max shunpo, for running away and stuff, then barrage or execute, barrage is useless rn and execute ain’t good for ranger, if you want PvP, go hail of arrows OR ranger’s stance, pve go… ranger stance for bosses and hail is kinda for pvp

If I were you, I’d go full str since multi-arrows are no longer good.

Max execute and max shunpo is better than barrage.

Ranger main here

For skill points I’d go 14 DEX rest STR for that damage, and since multi arrows have low accuracy, and because ranger stance is now a sniper instead of shotgun

For equipment I’d go moglo mask (14 DEX because of that -4 DEX on moglo), sandshulker vest, sandshulker boots, terul’s talon, and either a dustwurm bow or a Ballista (I personally prefer Ballista but a lot of people prefer dustwurm)

For hunter skills, definately max barrage, it does slightly more damage than an arrow from ranger stance and doesn’t take a long time to charge up. For shunpo and execute honestly its up to you.

For ranger skills max ranger stance and hail of arrows, ricochet although not bad isn’t as good

No ranger isn’t as good as it was a month ago, but it is still one of the best subclasses

Do You Guys Know What A Good Trickster Set-up is for int arrows?

I am a Ranger main.
Stats: 50 DEX rest STR (looking for reset tome, gonna go 10 DEX 30 VIT 10 INT rest STR because multishot is horrible now)
Equips: Aviator’s Cap, Sandskulker Vest, Ravager Boots (usual combat layout), using Ballista and Savage Shank (unless I’m fighting non-Bandit mobs, in which case I use Shattersun Dirk for damage boost)
Adventurer Skills: 1/1 Double Slash, 5/5 Regeneration, 3/5 Rock Throw
Hunter Skills: 1/1 Double Jump, 10/10 Execute, 10/10 Shunpo (Barrage sometimes breaks skill and consumable usage)
Ranger Skills: 10/10 Hail of Arrows, 10/10 Ranger’s Stance (so much extra damage)

@Doofus_12 do you know trickster stats & btw i sent request

No, I don’t follow trickster meta at all really.

It might be awhile be4 i can get online again, i’ll accept when i get chance.

ok, what they said I read something about ber making hold to click for ranger so I guess 17 dex rest str with moglo mask…?

Do you mean 19 Dex? Moglo Mask gives -4. Also, full great scrolled Moglo Mask: +36 STR, -10 INT, -10 VIT, -10 DEX, so 25 Dex would be ideal if you’re going for the 15 DEX

Pretty sure bere dropped that awhile ago

what do u mean

I mean bere said that awhile ago when ranger stance was still fast, and nothing ever came of it so I wouldn’t bank on it happening

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is multishot really all that bad now? o.o i cant tell on my assassin when i use my bow since i don’t really pay attention, but why is it so bad?

basically for every arrow more then one you fire the dmg gets lower

oh. yeah that makes a lot of sense lol, ty

More detailed explanation: every arrow does normal dmg unless they hit the same mob, for every extra arrows that hits it, the damage is decreased by 50%. So if 3 arrows hit the same mob, the damage percentage would go 100% for the first one, 50% for the second one, and 25% for the third one. Multishot decreases your accuracy as well