Ranger DPS is still too much

I feel like rangers had their health nerfed and feel like they got cheated, but seriously. They still do 1k dmg per arrow sometimes, and it’s hard for some Subclasses to compete. It is getting ridiculous, people say rangers shouldn’t be nerfed. What did health nerf do? It makes it easier for others to compete in PVP, which is not the prime fighting mode in the game. I’d be fine if a ranger had 5k health, as long as it wasn’t a machine gun. That’s about it, list your opinions since you guys are gamers. :smile:

Assassins can deal over 30k damage in a single hit

Rangers have competition.

Arrow Rain is still op, no other class has that much dps on one ability.

Hm, What 'bout Trickster.
I wOnDeR?
Also I’m A Trickster I Don’t Know How Much DPS is on average so, anyone care 2 tell.
:man_shrugging: :thinking:

Seeing how the developers nerfed the HP of Rangers, it’s somewhat justified to have them do more damage than all the other classes.

However, there is a big problem here.

The Rangers are better than the other subclasses, especially nonhunters (since Ranger and other hunter types have dex bow bonuses, they have better dmg), but they are WAY too much better than other subclasses in damage.

Mixing a Ranger to a mix of a boss battle should not make the boss battle irrelevant or not worth for other classes, the strength of Ranger right now is too much that even if you gave them 1 hp, its still good.

Health is a resource, warriors, melee hunters, and mages uses it because they are medium-short ranged combat. However, Rangers do not require to use this resource, meaning its like they lost nothing.

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Why do i see hunters with lifesteal? If they get it then what’s the pint in it being a warlock ability?

Warlock will be reworked, and they sacrifice good damage potential for VIT arrows, which can lifesteal.

Although assassins do deal equal or more DMG that rangers sometimes assassins have the risk of getting hit and only have burst DMG while rangers have sustained DMG at a range where they can’t get hit.

While assassins do do ridiculously large amounts of damage, most of their attacks are single target and close range. The ranger health nerf doesn’t do much because a good ranger will keep its distance anyways, and they can deal damage to a ton of enemies at once. Combine this with rangers stance and 4 arrows per shot, and ranger is still the most OP class. Assassin is currently best in Pve right now though, and seems to be getting buffed a lot, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it passes its long ranged counterpart.

Wait how?

Guys, WhAt aBoUt tRiCkStErS

Tricksters need a rework.

Rangers can put out heavier sustained damage over time, but asssassins can put it all out instantly in a single hit.