Ranger changes that could potentially end all the hate given to rangers!

Rangers are INFAMOUS for being the “best” class in the game and being too overpowered for their assets. This is highly unfair as this is unnecessary. To fix this I have a few suggestions for rangers

  1. Make rangers stance not buff arrow speed but only damage.
  2. Make bow effects apply on arrow rain and ricochet.
  3. Make ricochet hit multiple times overall so it does decent damage with more hits every few levels.
    These changes balance out both the good and the bad parts of rangers and I hope they help the reputations of rangers become positive!

ranger stance has already been stated to have a rework planned, ricochet is getting replaced entirely with smoke bomb if I’m not mistaken, and do you think you could maybe elaborate more on what you meant by bow effects?

Probably means stats bonuses like multiple arrows and exploding arrows

What I mean is like spider leg bow applying webbed shots on to arrow rain, etc. perks could also apply like the int bomb for arrows.

You literally just kinda made them better but different.

To be fair arrow rain currently is super predictable.

And still does tons of damage

Yeah. I am a level 48 Ranger right now, lvl 10 Hail of Arrows, 21 STR (thus far), Auktufiti’s Ballista w/ 3 great scrolls on it, and I deal over 1.25k per tap and it taps almost 20 times.


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This will not solve much problems, there will still be hate to rangers.

The main issue is not the ranger stance, but the dex bow bonus.

Even if you are a regular hunter, you can still deal massive damage.

Arrow rain is a big issue, and stance as well.

They’re both good skills, and you ask to buff one and rework the other, which sounds to me like it’s not doing anything.

Yes, they are glass cannons, but if other classes are 100, then ranged hunters would be 10,000

its worth the exchange of hp

bring back old bow mechanics?

Arrows should be like this
Power= 100-10x
where x is amount of arrows shot
Total power would be 100, 160, 210, 240. This would help solve the problem of dex arrows being op