Random Lore for The Golem of Redwood Pass (Short Version)

This Lore is based on my monster brainstorm: (I’m Bored So Why Not?)

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Chapter One: The Lone Mage

Sometime long ago, In the mountain ranges of Redwood, A powerful Lone Mage rested in a small cavern at the face of the cliff, facing outwards to Nilgarf. During this time a lasting war was in cause, and Factions fought Factions for whatever they could take hold of. This Lone Mage stood neutral to the cause, believing that they could unite with one another; for such an outrageous suggestion, they were exiled from the Mage Domain.

Redwood Pass, as you would know, is currently the mountain which supports the Stronghold of the Warriors, the Faction forged with blazing metals, which struck against their enemies as long swords and maces, thick armour that deflected arrows. They were a forced to be reckoned with. During that time, it was just as grand and enormous as it is today, if not grander.

The Lone Mage would peek out of his cave every so often, to fetch food and daily resources, when he ran into a Warrior. The Warrior wore rusted armour and a bronze sword attached to his hip: he was a new recruit who came from Mushtown and was clearly NOT experienced. The lone Mage showed no hostility, but the Warrior was shaking in his leather strapped boots, terrified of meeting an ‘enemy’ so close to headquarters. He immediately unsheathed his sword and was preparing for a ground slam! The Lone Mage has no choice, for the Warrior would not listen to reason…

This Mage in particular had unusual magic, magic that could bind and control earth and stone, magic that was rare among the warlocks and sorcerers, magic that could prove deadly to their foe, and a foe stood before the Lone Mage. A few chants and waves of their staff, and the mana of the surroundings seeped into the earth below them, forming a lifeless animation of pure rock. The Warrior, scared to death, instinctively struck the new opponent, leading to a loud clang and crash. The rock formation hovered forward, staring deep into the fallen foe before them, ready to end its life. ‘Go…’ the Lone Mage said, and the boulder beast crumbled into dirt. The Warrior fled, haunted by this difference in power. He sought help, help from higher ups, stronger than himself: To the Stronghold he ran.

Chapter Two: The Warrior’s Pride

Fleeing to the icy terrain, the Warrior in tears, jolted towards the immense iron gates of the Warrior Stronghold. Bursting through the doors, a silence hung in the air as all looked at him, puzzled by his expression of fear. ‘A Beast!’ he exclaimed, unable to speak properly and panting as if Death had chased him to his end. ‘A being of stone and earth floated before me, my sword did nothing to its hide of earth! I Swear, I nearly died!’. Laughter filled the silent hall, ‘There is no Beast,’ responded a warrior in iron plating, a barbaric sword holstered to his back, ‘these mountains are filled with birds and deer, sure, but such creatures you describe, made of stone, do not exist.’, another wave of laughter, followed by a jug of beer.

‘A M-Mage, stood there too, he controlled it, with the intent of killing me!’, sounding more hysterical than previously. Now hung a deeper silence… ‘Damn Mages! What do they want now?!’ exclaimed a bloke in bronze. ‘They’re probably picking on our recruits, trying to put fear in our hearts!!’ screamed another, with a portentous beard. ‘We are Warriors!! We will NOT let these magic tricks intimidate us!!’ shouted all in the hall with a stomping of feet and battle cries, filled with pure rage to such arrogance from the magical people, to spy on their place of fortitude. Gathering of Swords, Maces, Hammers and other devices to imply death by metal, many warriors gathered together to seek out this Lone Mage who posed an apparent ‘significant’ threat to their claimed land.

The mountains echoed with war-cries, booming with the pure strength of the warrior’s will. Down they went through the tunnels, louder the battle cry became: ‘towards the Mage Domain!’ The Lone Mage, sitting in his carved out home on the cliff-side, poking his campfire, could hear the sound of anger, marching down the mountain range. They knew that something big was coming, something that could not be stopped by normal means of magic alone. Even if the Lone Mage held a grudge towards his own, he could not let either side fall so soon; A clash between warriors and mages at this scale could leave the remaining faction of hunters, with an advantage against the severely damaged factions, and this Lone Mage still held true to unison of the future.

Chapter Three: The Golem’s Rise

Channeling their energy, and runes drawn on the earth beneath them, the Lone Mage chanted their greatest spell, the floor trembled at the words:

‘Great earth, heed my call,
in great danger your reign must fall.
Summon a mighty monster, big a tall,
taller than the mountain’s cliffs and walls.
A magnificent giant, made of boulder and stone,
to suppress the foe that sharpen and hone -
their weapons against you and I,
Summon The Golem, huge and high!’

The Lone Mage knew, their time had come.

A great roar, bellowed in the crust below, louder than those who marches down the hills. ‘Halt!’, ordered a man with the warrior’s patch, in heavily plated armour and hammer at hand, ‘What is the meaning of this trespass, wizard!’ he continued. Behind him stood over a hundred men, in similar garments of iron, bronze and steel, flags held high with red paint dashed across them (best hope it was paint). A mass unsheathing of swords and the warriors prepared for a fight. The Lone Mage, drained of their magic, stood still in a slumber, lifeless but standing, alive but not… A greater tremor shook the earth.

Having poured all of their life force into the spell, the Lone Mage sank into the ground, consumed by it. The warriors now slightly confused, staggered at the sudden shock beneath them. Where the Lone Mage once stood, arose piles of rock, forming a large entity of impenetrable rock, a humanoid figure, with glowing eyes of sunlight amber; The Goliath had formed. A deeper roar, and smaller formations of rock took shape from the dust, the previously described creatures of stone, now as smaller gangs of rubble, inferior to the larger beast.

Warriors stood before the being, still knowing they could not win, charged with all their might, striking down the floating rocks that blocked their path from it. Small golems, fell down, and rose up again with haste, warriors fell but struck and struck again at the cobblestone. The larger mass of stone smack down at the people below it, stepping on them unknowingly or intentionally. Balls of fire, flew over the mountains, catapults stationed at the stronghold, striking the beast down… After hours of brutality on the battlefield, the warriors retreated, in smaller numbers then that arrived.

The warriors accepted defeat, and expected an invasion from other factions, for they had been weakened on a large scale. As expected of the tacticians, armies of mages (and hunters on some occasions) travelled the land to reach Redwood Pass, to finish off the brittle warriors. Upon arriving, they did not expect to meet their demise to the same beast that crushed their foes, and retreated from Redwood, almost immediately upon arriving. No faction could defeat the monstrosity alone…

Before submitting their soul to the earth, the Lone Mage knew that only unity could bring down the Golem of Redwood Pass. Fearing its power, the factions were caught in a stalemate, none dared approach it.

Several decades later, the war ended, and peace was fulfilled. The Golem of Redwood Pass’ (though not the cause of the peace) task was fulfilled. It returned to the cavern that the Lone Mage once called home, bound to the side of the mountain. It still waits to be awakened by a band of warriors, hunters and mages alike, to take on its mighty power, to prove their worth towards a cause greater than themselves.

The End.

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I plan on making either a longer version of this (more description, same plot) and or create some more lores for future creatures/bosses I’ll be posting towards the brainstorm. Feel free to post ideas of bosses in the link above to help give ideas or inspiration for the devs. :slight_smile:

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