Random knight model in enchanted forest

https://gyazo.com/14f19fe1bd645796cade116d9f1a1224 https://gyazo.com/2996654b52ef2c3786939940f560cbcd https://gyazo.com/0d38fb9b24b76a5b9440b3faaba58b3b So i arrived from Great Crossroads to Enchanted Forest then i saw this dude that wasnt even in the server, i was able to move him, he was clipping through the ground, he didnt have a name, level or class symbol showing up, the enemies could attack him but not deal any damage and the others could see it, it happened around 21:30 CT sorry for my bad english

The gyazo links do not extend for me, so here is the extended versions in case people are too lazy to click on them:

Also, weird bug. Seems like you can even move the knight so I don’t think it’d be an old player model.

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its actualy a player model that glitch, it happen sometime i dunno how.