Random invis damage in mushroom forist

We are in the mushroom forest and whenever we are in the vicinity of a shroom no matter where it is we all start to take damage.

can we call this bug revenge of the undead?

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Probably Yes!

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Same bug i hope they will fix it.

Video with some of the f9 stuff and it happening.

Oh. And btw there is a giant baby shroom glitched in my server in mush town. We cant hit it but it can hit us.

Maybe none of you are hitting the front of it? There’s a bug with giant mobs too.

dragon is this your first play test? because this was a bug last week, it’s nothing new

Actually its my second. My first one was week 3.

People are attacking it from every angle.

Most of the time, you can only damage the guy with ranged weapons. The game is really bugged right now.

actually i think its coming from players around you taking dmg even if they are invisible idk that was my experience

ok cool.
agreed on the bug thing: every wepon there is the exact number of shrooms I have killed (1 for every shroom)

i think thats either luck or maybe its an actual glitch

maybe they need to lower the chances of weapons being dropped

maybe they could

This bug is really annoying. You’re literally unable to look around the forest.

it is not just in the mushroom forest… i am experiencing this in the seaside path as well

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This bug is annoying, I can’t kill lots of mobs before dying.

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Pretty sure the invis dmg is happening in all the areas with enemies as it happened to me in the Elder Shroom cave

Forgot to hit F9 tho so if that’s really needed I can just go back and redo it
All the hitboxes are screwed up too