RAID dungeons and lv cap raise?

First I want to ask, when spider queen or maybe mushroom king is released is the level cap going to be raised.

Also how will the raid dungeons work? Will you just go and fight the boss or will there be smaller rooms to beat before you fight the boss?

The level cap isn’t going to be raised for a long time until the game milks everything it can for under.

And rn nobody really knows what the format will be like, but all we know is that we have to be in groups.

alrighty I actually know this stuff B)

spider queen will be the first boss, however it won’t be a dungeon boss. this means it’ll arrive before the mushroom king dungeon, but the date depends on the work the developers have done so far

the level cap will most likely be raised at the start of beta (early summer) which will be in about 6 months. to compensate for max levels, there will be extra things to work towards such as leaderboards (not sure if it’ll come anytime soon though)

now, you’ve actually gotten the raids and dungeon bits completely wrong. in berezaa’s first vesteria dev stream, he stated that raids will be 50 players all fighting together, with an extremely high level cap (his example was level 70) this means that the raids won’t be appearing until vesteria is free to play.

dungeons, on the other hand, are 6 players of a certain level requirement entering a dungeon to defeat a boss. there would be 1 life only, time limits, puzzles, and more during the dungeon. this means that there will probably be more than one room in dungeons

as for berezaa’s example, he stated something along the lines of: there’s a dungeon in the mushroom forest, and a guard by the entrance. he goes “hey! the mushroom king is here! go kill it!” and you go “ok lol.” however, the guard replies with “but you can’t go alone! come back with a full party of level 20s or higher or you’ll die!” so you do that, enter the dungeon, and get murdered.

berezaa also stated that the dungeon will be hard, so going with a full party of 20s is almost guaranteed to fail


But going with a full party of 30s…

Uh oh, yoinks

5 lvl 30s one lvl 23 xd

Oh no, Sin, we only have 13 level 30s.

Oh noes

im grindingfor lv 30 so i might join soon

you underestimate how many people will get Vesteria when beta drops the price to R$100


Do you think during beta there will be that amount of super high levels online at every given time? I’m thinking the beta will probably break 1k players concurrent but getting 50 super high levels together might be a challenge, no? Just thinking a game like dbzfs with 4k concurrents can still take 15-20 minutes to organize a group of ten people to do a high level fight.

Could be solved by having a low level requirement for the raid so many people are able to join.

The most scary thing about a lot of people joining Vesteria is people catching up to my greatness. ;(

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Getting to level 70 won’t be impossible. I think that the massive amount of people who paid R$100 to get into the beta will be invested enough to grind that much. Besides, the raid will be available for players ten levels below the level cap as well. So in our case, level 60+