R.I.P. Definition of a Guild

How in the flying fish has this not been deleted yet devs u r slacking.

@Polymorphic Someone decided to create another topic and target me.

Let’s keep the arguments in ROBLOX, because you are making more work for the devs to block, because they don’t like when a topic strays off topic, or when an argument becomes uncivil. Not saying that it has happened yet, but seeing what has happened in the past, it is very probable.

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If a topic strays off-topic from what the original title is, then it will be closed. So yes, since you started targeting me, it wen’t off-topic, which gave reason for Polymorphic to close it. And claiming that they didn’t do anything when Polymorphic clearly wouldn’t close it for no reason is a false statement.

The off topic category does not allow you do target other users. Read the community guidelines.

Topics should not be created for personal matters or for targeting other players, not being technical, unless someone is exploiting, hacking, or something else that is seen as a form of cheating, which belongs under the “Bugs” category.

I Remember When You Made A Topic About Arguing With People On Here. That Was Pretty Much Targeting Me Considering I Was Arguing With People Constantly, One Of Them Being You.

Bean you got it good. I remember we discussed that Bridget is an it so that’s what I will use from now on.


Lol ok. I don’t understand the “Bean you got it good” though lol

You got Bridget good. Proved it wrong completely.

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Ooooooh ok it makes sense now lol

The original post didn’t ‘target’ Bridget at all, it disproved Bridget’s guild. This might be too far, Bean. Same for you, Bridget. You could have had some comments remove, you didn’t need to have an entire topic closed because you didn’t like it.

WAIT theinsanepizza is bridget? oh wow… ok

the fact that you would make this topic after the other one was deleted shows how immature you are, bean.

and yea, this is now targetting, because the post was deleted but now its back. The original post wasn’t targetting but this is.

I dont like bridgettehonor but this is just stupid as hell.

if pizza (aka bridget) didn’t report the original topic and didn’t get it closed this topic wouldn’t even exist.

Cube, don’t get caught up in this either. There are mistakes that we make in the moment that can lead to our downfall, especially mistakes that hurt the people closest to us most. Help Bean see his error, not try to destroy him.

Let’s just flag this post for now, Bean is currently sleeping.

Maybe bridgette reported it because the topic got out of hand and just started turning into roasts instead of a complex and intelligent argument about what qualifies as a guild?