Quirky ability specialisation

So I made a post in #rant not so long ago suggesting this, and it seemed to be quite a favoured suggestion, so I thought I’d post it here to help it stand out a little more

The feature hinges on the idea that joining a certain Subclass will edit the aesthetic of abilities that you earn pre-subclass.
For example, if I joined the Assassin Subclass, then my Shadowstep and Execute would look change slightly to look more specialised to being an Assassin - ie: the Execute’s downward stab animation would turn to look like something more ‘unique’ or ‘specific’ to the Assassin Subclass.
I think this would prodominantly benefit Mages, as having a deep purple coloured Mage bomb as a Warlock (as opposed to the basic sky blue tinge of Mage abilities) would make you feel more “invested” in using Terul’s side of Mana, showing that tapping into either Vesra or Terul’s Mana leads your pre-subclass abilities to be affected with light or darkness, as well as the abilities that you learn afterwards.
This is purely a visual change and wouldn’t have any effects on balance or gameplay, so it would probably come in a later stage of development after more core content has been released.

Overall I feel like this feature would let you feel more immersed and invested into your chosen Subclass, as well as adding to the game’s quality of life

I can agree about the Mage thing, I think I’ve made a comment or so suggesting the option for mage’s to change their mana colour.

Unfortunately I can’t really agree to anything else, I would prefer development time is spent refining the current subclass skills rather than making new looks for already-completed skills.

People will choose subclasses in the end on what gets them DPS.


This kinda quirky doe

I’m for the mage attacks color, and I even remember seeing a post about doing certain quests to get the attack color. Hope it gets implemented. I’m neutral for the other idea tho.

Edit: I found the link for the quest color thing, it’s Mana Color for Mages

Epic stuff gamers

It seems like this is gonna be added at least partially! nice