Quests for the end of the game

So I had this idea from a game that could make the quests a bit more cool.
So in Hacknet you have a quest at the end that’s divided into separate parts, and at the end there is a “boss”.
That’s what I’m thinking here. You have a quest that is quite challenging for the end of the game (a boss) that’s divided into 2 parts, (1st one being whatever you like) and the 2nd one containing a supa-hard end game boss (not really)

This game is still in development, and a lot of mechanics are still being made- I.E. the party system was introduced this previous weekend, so end-game level quests aren’t really a top priority right now.

Normally Games Have A Boss At The End.

Yeah it was a suggestion for the end of the game and early quests gotta be made so this isn’t top priority right now