Quests are broken (Personal issue, not server-wide)

So as I’ve noticed, there’s this bug that’s supposedly only been occurring for me (Haven’t seen people with similar issues). It started roughly half a week to a week ago, I’d say? Either way, I noticed that I could no longer accept quests. If I were to attempt to accept a quest, it would simply provide me with the usual “Yes/No” screen. The issue being that if I clicked yes, it would not accept the quest. The button would just be a dud, whilst the no button did function properly.

Now, I’ve noticed that the colosseum quest I’d tried to start has since been accepted (about three days after clicking yes), but my quest tab is still broken. It keeps telling me I have 10 quests running, but when I open it, it’s a completely empty tab.

As a side note, I’m assuming that even though the quest is accepted and ongoing, if I try to complete the quest, it will likely not work. I’ve had a similar issue with the mr. plant quest, where I handed the flower, after which it simply returned the “make ms. flower happy for me” dialogue (or something along those lines), as if the quest was still ongoing.

:warning: My quest GUI as it’s displayed when opened.

:warning: My quest GUI as it’s displayed normally.
:warning: Message shown when clicking the (supposedly broken) accepted colosseum quest.
:warning: The only error I’ve seen displayed in the dev console related to me, I’m assuming this isn’t related to my quest troubles.

Update: I killed 5 people in the colosseum, and the quest still gives me the following message (as I’d expected).

same incomplete data message displayed whilst trying to complete the quest

This is a new one, thanks for posting this and welcome to the forums! Sorry this is happening to you, hope it gets fixed soon.

Right as you sent this, my stats were reset (might refer to another recent bug report revolving around stat resets), but this also caused the following:

I’m guessing either this glitch got patched, or a dev reset my stats as well as my quest book to fix it personally.

Either way, hoping it won’t return