Questions regarding stats and damage

Total Damage

  • What is the range of damage dealt?
    I have about 99 physical weapon attack on my level 28 Mage and I deal 230-280 damage against enemies 9+ levels lower than me.

Leveling to Damage

  • Does damage passively increase with level similar to how base max HP increases?
  • How is damage against weaker players/mobs scaled up per level?
  • How does damage resistance against lower level mobs work?

Strength Stat

  • By what degree does STR influence “defense”?
  • Does it directly add on with the armor you are wearing or does it make the armor stronger based on your STR so to say?

Magic Defense

  • Does armor have an effect on magic defense yet?
  • Will there be special armors that provide magic defense if they do not already?

Intelligence Stat

  • Does INT truly boost MP regen beyond the 1% per second it regens out of battle?
    I have 84 INT and 534 max MP, and I regen 10 MP every 2 seconds…

Dexterity Stat

We already know that the base stamina is a run time of 4 seconds, and mathematically, increases by 0.2 seconds/point invested, but what about the other things that DEX effects?

  • By what percentage does it increase your crit ratio?
  • Can one with 0 DEX still land crits, but not nearly as often?
  • In the near future when dodging will be a feature, how will dodging work, and how will DEX influence it?

I’ve decided to revive this topic, removing questions I’ve gotten the answer to the past 2 months, and adding new questions in response to some damage reworking. I also reformatted it a little bit to make it more pleasurable to read.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone who knew the answers to some of these questions replied, quoting the question they are answering.

please un-revive this topic