Questions for EXP Gathering in Vesteria

I noticed in the beta that EXP takes very long to gather. Making it hard to level.
Is that going to be in the release? It took me a few hours to get to level seven. Would the player base enjoy this?
Will this have a huge impact on the game if EXP was more easier to get?

Go back to League Kai’sai main.


Lol, just kidding. Idk.

im no kaisa main
shes just hot

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It took me an hour to get level 7, wym? Took only 2 to get level 10.

Lol, that’s nice. :sweat_smile:

It took me like 2 for 7
Maybe I wasn’t farming enough? but the fact that it takes a few hours to achieve a small level is kind of outrageous don’t you think?

I mean, it is the demo. There aren’t very many mobs to kill in a single map dense with players.

In the PA, there will be mobs like crabs, that give way more xp. Don’t worry. :smile:

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It takes you that long because you’re still fighting level 1 monsters as you level up, so you’ll get less EXP from them.


Glad to hear, super excited!

Thank you for telling me, excited for the future. :+1:

If you want bonus, you could try using stat potions (like Strength, or Dexterity) so you could fight higher level mobs for a bit. You could also party up with up to 5 other players for a constant EXP bonus which goes up to 20%. Just ask any random players if they want to party up.