Questions about the "Trust" level

Hello, Stqfe here

Quick Question!

So, I’m having a hard time understanding what the “trust” level thing on the forum is. How do you gain more trust? What do you unlock once you get more trust? Do you gain trust by posting things on the forums?

The reason I want to get more “trust” is because I want to get the “member” badge.
Please help me!

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the more you post, reply, read messages, and spend time on the forums the higher trust rank you will get, after 50 days you will get a regular trust role, but before that is member which is the second trust level (i think) i dont know the req to meet those if someone could correct/tell me



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To get Member, you need the following:

  • 15 days visiting the forum (don’t have to be consecutive)
  • 1 given like
  • 1 received like
  • Replied 5 times

I think that’s all you have to worry about. It is easy if you visit the forums once a day.


Actually don’t worry too much.
I got member just by being in the forum and I don’t even post or online much

Just reply a lot, and be on the forums a lot!

There’s a specific page you can visit.

i cant posts threads rn

just read a couple topics and reply and u should be able to in a few minutes

Lmao :joy:
Why u aint basic tho ???
I got basic by making the account

@Meta del this nighthawk? this seems like some sort of tech support scammer :cowboy_hat_face: