Question : why a sudden surge of f2p posts?

Can someone tell me why there is suddenly a surge of topics and posts about f2p?

Not really sure what you’re talking about, I’ve only seen a few posts here and there talking about the free to play version, but to explain why those posts exist, it’s pretty much because people find the new free to play version interesting.

It feels a lot like alpha, but with the balance and general changes of the newer versions, which is an interesting experience to say the least. Plus, the free to play version could be considered a bit more difficult to farm money, items or levels, since those higher level areas just don’t exist.

Although that isn’t the only reason that people play free to play, that’s my person reason for playing it, at least.

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F2P is getting updates before paid, sorta like a public Testing Realm. The devs are testing things there first.