Question on super giant mobs

Can super/giga giants spawn naturally, but more rarely compared to normal giants? Or is natural spawning for them not implemented yet?

A giga giant elder would wipe entire servers, they can’t possibly spawn natural

I agree with Ben here, imagine a bunch of lvl <10s trying to take down a giga shroom

How exactly would they spawn then?

They don’t spawn naturally, it’s just something admins can spawn.

Aw, will they perhaps be spawned as part of fun events?

I scripted them in 10 minutes just to spawn them in the spider lair.

So yeah, they will probably be used exclusively in events.

ok lol couldnt think of a place for em

I kinda wish super giants had a like, 1/14k chance to spawn. Giga giants wouldn’t be able to spawn tho since that might cause issues.


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Really? That was quick. Only will happen in new servers, right?

Will only happen once we push the update. It’s live in our internal build area though.

Could you script minor variation mobs too. Just to make mobs look cooler, that’d be so cool.