[Question]: Level Cap?

:black_small_square:What will be the maximum level a player can reach during Initial BETA and perhaps when the full game comes out?

We are looking at a lvl.30 cap for alpha (paid access coming out soon). We will try to fit in a ton of content for lvl.30 players such as hard enemies, rare items and stupidly powerful/rare scrolls


A Player With A Name Similar To ‘AgarusuTheFerment’, Can’t Remember The Actual Name, Was In Seaside Path And Claimed To Me They Were Level 36. They Don’t Appear To Be A Tester, Since They Claimed There Were Playing Since Week 8.

If You Could Perhaps Explain This, It Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

there’s no level cap right now and there’s no tester with a username like that.
level 36 is not possible

In Week 13, Next To His Name Was ‘Level 1’ With The Mage Symbol And He Did Claim To Be Level 36. That Is All I Can Tell You.

I’m not sure how valid what I say next is, as I heard it from someone who talked to Poly. He said that during the test, the max level you could get to was 23, since at that level crabs stop giving you xp. (I guess this means that xp is based on levels)

Depending On The Level Difference Between You And The Crabs, You Do Get Less EXP. So That Would Make Sense. Of Course The People Who Are Above Level 23 Are Testers+ Who Can Defeat Higher Leveled Enemies.