Question: is it worth grinding here?

So I want to grind in a “risk free area” so I want to know whether grinding guardians is a good call. Getting one silver per kill as well as 50,000 exp (I think) without the risk of the death penalty. Is this start worth it to a level 40?

Ok i have a few questions for you
What are your stats?
What is your subclass?
What are your currently equipped items?

are you trying to level or get money, choose one

Lvl 40 trickster, spider weps and forsaken armour, I want xp

I would recommend grinding stingtails, they are not that difficult for tricksters to grind. Jump in one of the swarmed stingtail pits and slaughter the waves of stingtails. you should be able to get xp fast. Stingtails also drop beetles and stingtail staves (Which sell for 374s) so stingtails would be a pretty good choice. you can also dodge stingtails’ attacks because it is pretty obvious when a stingtail is about to attack. If you are in a party stingtails give 85000 xp.

Okay, I’m getting to half with sqr and then I’ll go back to fingernails with a possible cleric

if u want exp grind bosses and what @Lord_Kyrian said

The best source for experience I believe is Forsaken Isles, and you could also farm Cursed Scrolls while doing so.

If you want experience and money, I would focus on Whispering dunes Scorpions (easy experience & Stingtail staffs) - I farmed scorpions to make my Berserker from 43 to 49.

Thanks for the help can a regular close this now. Thanks again!