Question: how to counter toxicity/toxic people?

so recently, i’ve been in a bad mood today from stress and toxic people

i’m just minding my own business grinding in miner’s haven

then suddenly random people keep calling me an idiot or moron

im not in a good mood from this toxicity and my kindness can’t face back

so any tips to counter toxicity?

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Mute them that’s an easy solution.


make sure they’re above 9 yrs old

if toxicity has an effect on you then you are already doing something wrong but generally most games support the /mute command. so just mute.

Muting people or blocking people can prevent contact from specific people who do this, but overall, ignore people who say idiot or moron, they’re too much of an idiot or moron to realize saying idiot or moron is actually stupid when they could be trying constructive criticism… Or they’re under the age of 12 and can’t comprehend the concept of constructive criticism and being helpful.

Don’t speak to them in the first place, you’ll only add fuel to the fire.

What random people on the internet say should only really be taken with a grain of salt.

Just ignore them, best method to ignoring is muting or blocking them.

Just ignore it, if you give them any attention it will just give them more incentive to annoy you.

turn off chat

what are u doing that even compels people to call u that lol

Sometimes people just do that without any type of reason or justification.

that being said, such a thing shouldn’t get to your head. if its like THAT.

Obviously it shouldn’t, but sometimes words just end up affecting people whether they like or not. People seek approval from those around them, and when someone walks up to them and picks a fight, it gets to them.

Lmao just make them mad. It’s easy to get under teenager’s skin. Counter their toxicity with logic and act like a parent.

That could possibly result in putting the victim into an even worse mood, as it is very easy for a troll to act like they aren’t even bothered (and they may not even be bothered anyway). If they aren’t going to engage in a normal, simple discussion, it isn’t worth bothering with them at all.

There’s also an alternative I use a lot. Just engage into a deep conversation with someone else and show you don’t care about their existence. If they continue just point out all their spelling errors. ._.

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Sounds like a solid plan.


Stop false quoting people.

You’re right. Find their IP and address and send a package full of weird stuff.