Question Category

A subcategory for #general-discussion named #general-discussion:game-questions would be good for players who have questions regarding what may be coming for the game, or questions about the game in general.


sorry for bumping this back up, but this is a great idea.

So for like Adventurer and Fighter is is randomly chosen?

Reviving this topic as I believe this would be a good addition for the forums.

bumping this for the third time, as this is really important and a great idea

Bumping it up once more

Lots of people have been asking questions lately about the game. I think it’s time to add a #help category.
@Polymorphic @berezaa


Not to mention the amount of new players bound to ask many questions once the game is released for Beta and Full release. A Questions category or sub-category would be helpful for all.

@berezaa @Polymorphic

Sorry for the ping, but I still think a Question category/sub category should be added.

Would love this feature to happen!

bump for like the 10th time.

this should really be added.

Bumped la-dumped

ima bump as well

We’ve bumped this up tons of times, have the devs noticed or thought about it yet?

They have also been pinged a couple times on here, but we won’t know if they’ve seen it until they respond. I really wish this was added though.

This would b a great thing to add. So imma bump again.


Good idea
Bumped lul

I’m seriously wondering why the devs haven’t responded to this. I don’t see why they shouldn’t add this, MANY topics have been made asking questions and they end up flooding #general-discussion.


Still dont know why the dev’s havent seen this so bump i guess