[question]Can I ask you guys a few questions?

Hi, my name is Evelyn and I have not played vesteria in a long time. I came back to the game recently when my friend told me he plays the game and wanted me to play with him. With the new addition of subclasses, items, maps and mobs I want to ask you guys several questions.
1.Do you have optimal builds for all of the subclasses? If yes, can you link/post it in the comments?
2.Do you have a map that links all of the areas of vesteria? If yes, can you link/post it in the comments?
3.Do you have a list of items/gear that are worth using from level 30-49? If yes, can you link/post it in the comments?
4.Are there any guilds that are open and does not require too much information to join ? If yes, link the discord invitation down below.
Also, I do not and will not tag my discord. That’s all. Wish you guys a good day.

I’ll let someone else cover the first three questions since I’m not really all that up to date on what the “meta” builds are as of currently, but for your last question, you can find a bunch of guilds on the forums. Some do require applications and such, but most are pretty open.


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this map is kinda outdated but its still usable
Mushtropolis is now in mushtown, whispering dunes exists which is next to the gauntlet which is in scallop shores and testing realm is now removed

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Can I ask? What is “the gauntlet” ? Is “whispering dune” accessible through scallop shores or do I have to go to “the gauntlet” to go to “whispering dune” ? Thanks in advance and have a good day.

Whispering Dunes Is A Desert Where You Get Heat Exhaustion And You Stamina Bar Slowly Shrinks, It Is A Good Place To Go To At Lvl 40-Max as there are a lot of good items and such. The Gauntlet Is Like A Trial where there is a chained door that you must hit to get through. There are Bandits(warrior like entities) & Bandit Skirmisher (Archer) Both Are Level 40, There Is A Horn That Sounds and every time you hear it more bandits and skirmishers will spawn to protect the gate. A Mini-boss Called Gate-Keeper Yakuza will spawn at about 1/2 of the gates health (Tip: IF You Don’t Want To Deal With The Bandits And The Mini- Boss Run and use your movement Ability (blink, shunpo, or combat roll) to pass the gap and have them fall. If you pass you get into “The Gauntlet- Hunter Occupied” and that is the entrance to dunes

I will let somebody else write an essay about whispering dunes or link it
Whispering Dunes Map Link :point_right: Whispering Dunes Map (Version 1.4)

Those tattered things that look like books is a quest you can do for somebody in the gauntlet, the yellow chunks are quest objects as well for sombody in the outpost
Just call it the oasis (smh)

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first, what faction are you in, and what class are you planning to be, this will help shrink it down

All of my save slots are level 30, all have different factions, and there’s a lv 30 adventurer too. I use all of the slots so I really don’t know

okay, that really didn’t tell me much. What I Meant, was on your warrior, what are class are you going to be, on your mage, what class are you going to be, on your hunter, what class are you going to be? tell me everything.

Oh, I don’t know much about them, that’s why I asked. But I like ranger for hunter, and that’s also the only subclass that I know now.

Rangers good but they have a health reduction due to them being too OP.

I also recommend using forsaken Isle gear till level 42. Oh, wait do you know what Forsaken isle is probably not okay Forsaken Isle is an island that you get to from port Fidelo You go to the left of the city from the docks and then you will go through a “tunnel” once you get there there is a guy selling tickets for the Wayfarer(The boat you get there with) for 100 silver each the boat comes every twenty minutes Ex. 3:00, 3:20, 3:40 4:00 and so on once you are on the Wayfarer with a ticket it will tp you to the wayfarer you’ll just wait here for a few minutes before getting to forsaken isle. Tips: there is a very easy to find a chest on the boat and don’t jump off because you will get sent to ship rock bottom.

Once you get to Forsaken there is a shop that sells armor to the right of the boat and If you follow the path right or left you will get to the village. There are two types of mobs here first correct me if I’m wrong Lvl. 30 moglo’s the warrior mob and lvl. 32 mogloko’s that are stronger and throw spears. after you kill 500 moglo’s or mogloko’s the 1-4 towers will spawn giving you a notification for each, on the forth tower the boss moko tua spawns and has a variety of good drop’s money and loot.

Just a quick list of subclasses:


  • Sorcerer: Flashy, high range and high damage moves that cost a lot of MP to use. Only two really useful moves, those being Meteor and Icecall. Earthcall is seen as being lackluster due to being difficult to hit and dealing low damage. See more here: https://vesteria.fandom.com/wiki/Sorcerer

  • Cleric: A subclass all about healing and reviving others. Difficult to get drops with but an extremely useful subclass for others. See more here: https://vesteria.fandom.com/wiki/Cleric

  • Warlock: A dark-magic type subclass mainly focused on self reliance and close/mid-range combat. See more here: https://vesteria.fandom.com/wiki/Warlock


  • Trickster: A subclass built for confusing enemies. Typically uses bow and dagger evenly. Pretty unique skills, but seen as underpowered in general. See more here: https://vesteria.fandom.com/wiki/Trickster

  • Ranger: The hunter subclass for bow aficionados. Entirely based around abilities which use bows and/or arrows to deal damage. High damage but extremely low health. See more here: https://vesteria.fandom.com/wiki/Trickster

  • Assassin: The hunter subclass for those who prefer daggers. Based around stealth and getting up close to an enemy, doing a ton of damage, then running away. See more here: https://vesteria.fandom.com/wiki/Assassin


  • Knight: Subclass with the most health and defence in the game. Knights are meant to be tanks, but with their abilities they can also buff their allies. In addition, they also get shields! See more here: https://vesteria.fandom.com/wiki/Knight

  • Paladin: Magic-based attacks which scale off of INT. Heavily focused on dealing knockback. They also get 2-handed weapons, which deal a bunch of damage but make you unable to use anything in your offhand. See more here:

  • Berserker: Focused on DPS alone. No real gimmicks, except for dual wielding. Can also provide
    an offensive buff to teammates. See more here:

Just to be clear, these are extremely brief overviews. I’d recommend asking around before actually committing to a specific subclass.


okay so:
for warriors, all warriors also have an aoe buff:
berserker: physical damage, highest dps in game with no ranged abilities, dual wielding (kirito), and damage buff
knight: tank, high hp, 175 percent hp bonus, big shield, taunt that doesn’t work, defense buff.
paladin: magic warrior, simple healing, magic attacks, good for flinging people out of the map, also get a two handed big weapon, regeneration buff.
for hunters:
assasin: extremely high burst damage, invisiblity.
ranger: as @CrazyCatsVesteria said, health reduction, but they are not op anymore, ranged damage, sniper.
trickster: has a ability that traps, jumpy, abilities scale off int.
for mage:
sorcerer: high damage, aoe, all magic, elemental abilities.
cleric: holy magic, light based, healing, resurrection ability, good support, still has relatively high dps.
warlock: dark magic, and uh… most of warlocks abilities are getting the axe, so i don’t know much about new stuff.
i said them in the order most people choose, like most people choose berserker, assasin, and sorcerer.
also for below, these are a rough approximation for stats, not exact number of stats, there will be a little left over.
for warrior:
if you are going berserker, for stats put
134 str
10 dex
if you are going knight, you can either choose to put
70-100 str
30-70 vit
10 dex
depending on how tanky you choose to be.
if you are going paladin, you may need a stat reset, most paladin abilities scale off int
50-90 str
50-70 int
10 dex (you should put 10 dex for anything)
for hunter:
if you are going assasin, basically melee hunter stats
120 str
20 dex
if you are going ranger, kinda weird…
for a sniper build:
90 str
50 dex
for a lifesteal ranger:
30 vit, gives lifesteal arrows
50-70 dex
30-60 str
for a rapid fire shotgun, aa-12:
70 str
70 dex
but no one uses shotgun ranger anymore, just go sniper
if you are going trickster:
like i said before trickster’s abilities scale off int, so
90 int (at least that much, also gives exploding magic arrows)
30 dex (your helmet should make up for the rest, if not, go 50 dex, but you won’t get any str)
20 str (read above)
also, with the forsaken isle, the mobs there drop a mask that gives an large amount of str or dex, depending on which mask, (moglo mask, or mogloko mask) basically a rat king bucket super buffed, they take away a certain amount of stats, (clean, -4 to int, str, and vit/ -4 to int, dex, vit) and also give 30 to dex or str, and many hunters use these masks, so i don’t know how to incorporate this into the stats.
for mage:
if your going sorcerer, all attacks still scale off int, so just continue the min-max
134 int
10 dex
if your going cleric, some people do the sorcerer stats, but you should go
50 int
90 dex (for dex bomb, i’ll explain later, has huge dps, also this stat build was the slayer of the giant azariah (i died to giant azariah three times on my max warrior ;C))
if your going warlock… i don’t know, warlock is getting overhauled
so now, fun time! i will not elaborate on how to get this gear, go ask someone else im really sorry
for warriors:
for berserker gear:
helm of an ancient order
gladiator armor, for the perk, you also might wanna put some scrolls on it for more defense
gladiator boots, for the extra str, or you can also use duneplate boots, or in pvp you can use scarab tongue boots
for weapons, berserker is the most complicated because you can hold two swords, which leads to a variety of builds!
you can hold two weapons, so i’ll say it like this:
build number one!
first sword: vesra’s eviscerator, for the apogee perk
second sword: azariah’s edge, for the bloodcraze perk
build number two!
first sword: azariah’s edge
second sword: moko club, for the rhythmic ferocity perk
build number three!
first sword: ancient jawbone, for the attack speed bonus
second sword: ancient jawbone, for the attack speed bonus
P.S. also max dex
P.S.S: please dont do this
build number three and a half!
for some reason, people use the same weapon twice for the perk, without knowing the perk does not stack, but perhaps also for the damage
first sword: vesra’s eviscerator
second sword: vesra’s eviscerator
vesra’s eviscerator is currently the strongest damage sword in the game with a damage of… i forgot, but its like 151 or something
build number four!
first sword: azariah’s edge, for the crit chance
second sword: azariah’s edge, for the crit chance, and the perk
i recommend this build ^
(also you probably do not know this, certain dropped items have variants. These variants give a certain amount of stats, depending on the drop. These variants are:
Fierce: gives str
Keen: gives int
Swift: gives dex
Vibrant: gives vit
There are also two other far rarer variants, which are:
pristine: does more damage than the original, also gives a exp bonus
legendary: same as pristine, but to a greater extent (legendary stick has same stats as pristine ;C)
I told you this because you can also add these variants into any kind of stat build. anyway, back to gear!)
build number five!
this is for if you are poor, not as good as the other builds
vesra’s eviscerator
sand-ravaged scimitar, for the crit chance
build number six!
this is also if your poor:
vesra’s eviscerator
sun blade (is that what it is called?), for the str
knight gear:
i’d say still helm of an ancient order, its best helm in game for warrior
duneplate cuircass (i forgot the name, did i say it right?)
yeti boots, for the 40 percent regeneration
vesra’s eviscerator, for the daytime regen
tuthatfellaoutthewindow’s buckler (i don’t know the actual name, it’s really hard), for the 20 percent damage ignored
paladin gear:
if you put less str and more int, use helm of an ancient order, if you put less int and more str, use snel helm, if you did equal, use gladiator helm or helm of an ancient order
duneplate cuircass or gladiator armor, depending on your preference
gladiator boots or yeti boots or duneplate boots, again, your preference, but i would go gladiator boots all the way
vesra’s eviscerator, or dustwurm cudgel, depends on preference, but i would go vesra’s eviscerator because its better in terms of damage and ability, also paladins pray to vesra, so why not have a vesra sword?
for hunters:
this is really complicated, because some people use moglo or mogloko mask
assasin gear: either moglo mask for extra str, sandshulker mask for lil extra dex, or aviators for a spicy pfp, like @Atom
sandshulker vest (is that what its called)
sandshulker boots, or yeti boots depending if you want extra regen to make up for low hp, or walkspeed
terul’s talon, if you blew it up, or traded it, use shattersun dirk
aukifiti’s (is that how you spell it) ballista
ranger gear: depending on which stat build you choose,
moglo mask for sniper build, mogloko mask for the other builds, or sandshulker mask as a replacement for mogloko mask
ranging gear, but if you do not have, as it is current unavailable to buy, you can use ratty vest, or sandshulker vest
sandshulker boots
icicle for crit chance, it carries over to your bow
aukifiti’s ballista, or dustwurm longbow
trickster gear:
jester hat! (no. but that would be kinda cool) again, moglo mask or mogloko mask, or anything really, even sq crown, @Seqral does that
ravager vest, for the extra mana regeneration, if you do not have, use sandshulker vest
ravager boots for the extra mana, but if you prefer extra stamina, use sandshulker boots.’
same as assasin,
terul’s talon
aukifiti’s ballista
for mage: this one is real simple
sorcerer gear:
archeomagus hat
archeomagus robe (is that what its called?)
yeti boots
astrologist’s scepter, if you blew it up or traded it, use chitin scythe
cleric gear:
archeomagus hat
archeomagus robes
yeti boots
webbed staff, because dex bomb combined with webbed staff, the bombs stack, and the DOT damage stacks, and ends up doing insane damage
warlock gear: i don’t really know, because warlock is getting overhauled, but i know one (four) thing(s).
chitin scythe, to be a badass dark overlord with a scythe.
and also still archeomagus hat
archeomagus robes
yeti boots
because those are still the best gear no matter what warlock changes to
anyway, thats all for now, finalized



Ah yes i am sorry, i did not realize that you do not know about whispering dunes. The gauntlet is a bridge between scallop shores and whispering dunes, Before you can go to whispering dunes, the gauntlet is captured by bandits. You must defeat all the bandits at the gauntlet and destroy the gate to gain access to the whispering dunes (you only need to complete this once however this is repeatable) You may not enter the whispering dunes through scallop, only through the gauntlet. When you complete the gauntlet once it will become occupied by hunters, becoming a safe area free of the death penalty.

Whispering Dunes is a huge desert area with 9 different types of mobs for level 36-49. There are 2 shops in the whispering dunes selling different kinds of high level equipment. Whispering dunes also has a very unique mechanic, Dunes Exhaustion. During daytime, your stamina bar becomes yellow and no longer regenerates, you will take damage when your stamina bar is empty. When you consume a cactus fruit (obtainable from dunes) your stamina bar will be filled. If you enter a body of water, you will temporarily be immune to the Exhaustion. Items like the portable water and the aviators may protect you from the Exhaustion.

happy sao fan noises

I think this build is more expensive than build 4 ? I bought 2 fierce azariah edges and it cost me 7 gold, and just the vesra’s eviscerator for build 5 alone cost around 7 gold aswell? Not accounting for the scimitar yet even…

And also why is the vesra’s evis so expensive? I think it is not as good as azariah edges and it cost way more. Also you can’t have stat upgrades or variants on them

people just like eviscerators, they look nice and has a pretty decent perk. the perk gives you a higher chance to survive during the day

I don’t think i look at my weapons alot lol, I had my mushroom sword on even when i have a spider fang until someone tell me it. And is the perk that good ? I think I would do better with something like heal when you attack (life steal) or a lil bit more crit and attack speed really.