Question about Stingtail pit spawnrates

Lately I’ve been grinding on stigtail pits, but I’ve noticed that the spawnrates seem really inconsistent.
Sometimes I’ll see stigtails spawning left and right on a half full server, and none spawning at all on a busier server. I’ve also noticed that one of the pits doesn’t spawn anything at all, or very little compared to the other ones.

Is there some formula to the spawnrates of these things? I’m just curious.

there are a LOT of stingtail pits (By a lot i mean like 5 small ones and 2 big ones) so i think stingtails may have been spawning at any of the 7 pits. Stingtails also spawn above ground

spawn rates are dependent on how many people are in the server
The more players = Higher spawn rate

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Yeah I’ve noticed a similar issue with Deathstings… none spawned AT ALL for like 3 days straight on any server and suddenly they were EVERYWHERE.

Mob spawn depends on alive mobs as well. If you get into a pit which is currently empty and other pits are full of death stings, it’ll be harder to find the deathsting. I’ve noticed this with bandits skirmishers on anvil where you had to kill one so others would start spawning. I’m speaking from experience and I think I’m quite right.

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that would make a lot more sense. thanks for the advice!