Question About Faction

Should I join Warrior or Hunter? I know how to join Warrir but how do I join Hunter?

There’s 3 NPC’s in Nilgarf you can speak to once you turn level 10. Each one of the three represent a faction/class. If you’re trying to become a Hunter, speak to the guy that looks like one.

how is this a question… if u want to be a hunter obviously talk to the mage (sarcasm)

lmao I just though there’s somewhere I can go to join Hunter because when I speak with that 3 dudes before I’m level 8 and there’s no option lol

Warrior 4 life! B)

Remember there’s a current bug (The Mage Conspiracy), that let’s people below level 10 become a mage. Just remember that you’re supposed to be level 10 before you join a faction.