Question about basic attacks (clicking)

So since im a mage, i fight with a staff - but the basic attack is still just to swing your staff at the enemies. So my question is does strength or intelligence increase my basic attack damage with a staff?

only STR increases your basic attacks damage

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Doesn’t this sort of put mages at disadvantage because later on their basic attack will be useless? The other classes can use their basic attacks effectively but at a certain level mage’s skills will just completely outclass their basic attack…

and where is the problem?
mages are supposed to really on magic abilities and skills, not their basic attack.
who are they, some hunters to use basic attacks like peasants

The problem is that the other classes get their basic attack be useful ontop of all their skills at high levels but mages wont… Unless mage skills are slightly upscaled compared to the others or something

but mages are supposed to really on their magic and skills not deal damage
if you wanted to deal damage then you should have gone hunter or warrior.
and it would be silly if mages abilities wouldn’t become stronger as time moves on

Who says mages are supposed to not deal as much damage lol? If anything they’d have the highest farming capability because they are the least tanky and all of their skills are focused on fast damage or transportation. I don’t understand why the basic attack cant be some kind of magic slash instead of beating things up with a staff lol. But as it is now, if you put in strength as an adventurer before level 10 and choose mage those points are kind of screwed.

STR still gives you damage resistance (defence) so they aren’t entirely wasted

Fair enough, i suppose in late game those few points wont matter anyway

As of I know, they wanted to make something like Wands, which have basic magic attacks and no melee
(and yes, I know this wasn’t really the question)

In the future, Vesteria will have 3 subclasses for Mage, the Cleric, Warlock, and Sorcerer (if I’m correct) and they will do different things

The cleric will be for healing and buffing a person’s team and won’t do as much damage
The warlock will be a sort of tank-mage that takes the hits and deals damage
The sorcerer will be kind of like a hunter mixed with a mage to make a fast damage dealing mage.

All of these will have different needs. The warlock may need STR and VIT and barely any INT, while the sorcerer could need DEX and INT only. We’re not currently sure what these sub-classes will need to work well, but this is my view of this subject.

I’m pretty sure this is right but if I’m wrong, please correct me.