Quest System [Suggestion]


The current Vesteria’s quests are not made as well as they should be in my opinion.
I’m aware the game’s Alpha has just been released and that it doesn’t represent the final game, but still I though this post would be helpful for developers.

Currently, there are 3 quests in the game, both of them being generic:
"kill [n] monsters and bring me their drops"
I think the quests should be less repetitive and more story-based.


Most MMORPGs are made in a way where you :

  1. Spawn in
  2. Do quest which requires you to kill [n] monsters, or to obtain [n] monster drop items
  3. Repeat or grind

As fun as it might be for the first day or so, players will get tired of doing the same thing for a long time.
It would be great either if quests followed some sort of story, or if it had mysteries which act as quests themselves.

Example of latter would be :

  • The player is exploring the map and you find a worn-out book item named “Hidden Land”
  • Item’s description says something like: “Enter the triangle and shout out my name”
  • The player realizes the description is talking about some random cave somewhere out in the map.
  • The player enters the cave and shouts out the name of the book, “Hidden Land”.
  • Hidden doors open, letting player enter the cave, where he finds either another puzzle or the prize.

The prize, in this case, could be anything from:

  • New Location with shops, NPCs, …
  • New Quests
  • New Boss battles
  • More secrets


Another thing I feel like most MMORPG games don’t do are connected quests.
Example of connected quests would be:

  • You are presented with two quests
  • Both ask you to do a similar thing, in this case, it could be something like bringing materials for the healing potion.
  • The first quest-giver wants it to make money and will give you a good money reward for it.
  • The second quest-giver needs it to save his family, as they are ill, and can’t give you a lot of money for it.
  • The player pretty much knows the risks of both quests and is able to decide which to take for himself.
  • If the player completes first quest-giver’s quest, he’ll award you nicely and the second quest-giver’s family will either: die or get better using different method, really, depends on developers / future quest plans.
  • If the player completes second quest-giver’s quest, he won’t be able to award you right away but, let’s say the quest-giver’s child is a master blacksmith and you get a special item from him.
  • Both quests can branch off into more quests later on, and depending on the first quest, other quests might either be better or worse.

This would give the player feeling that each action has it’s own reaction.
It also makes the player think about the consequences of his actions and makes him think about his next step. It makes the player involved in the game and the world.


I hope the developers will find this useful and that other players will like it as well.
If you have any suggestions, please comment below and I’ll add them to the the topic.

~Legoracer, Greyvale Guild Leader

There are actually 3 Quests currently, but other than that, great idea! You have my Vote, good sir!

Fixed. Thanks.

The quest branching system sounds great! Getting my vote on this one :+1:

I agree with a lot of this, but some of it seems way too story-like. Berezaa said that vesteria won’t have a real “story”, but rather some lore. Some of this seems too story-like for vesteria, like the ill family, but most of it is great. It would fit vesteria to have quests that unlock new quests, and if you complete that questline, you will be greatly rewarded. It would be cool to have like 3 questlines, one for each class, and if you for example complete the mage questline, you would get the best staff in the game.

Edit: i realize that this is a little badly grammar-ed, sorry for that lol.

That Is Some Nice Text.
No Idea How You Did It Though…

Adding on this this quest idea update, I think there should be more repeatable quests aswell, and perhaps quests that rely on rng. For example a farmer knows a goblin broke into his house and stole his heirloom rake passed down throughout the ages, he doesn’t know what goblin stole it, so you have to go grind goblins for that drop rate of a rake. The rake would only be droppable while the quest is active and it would serve no use outside of the quest. This would at least make it different then current quests of getting 100% drop rate. Maybe this would be more repetitive and grindy as it depends on rng, but it has more then a challenge of guranteed quest after 10-20 minutes of work.
As for repeatable quests, I don’t really mean something similar to the 10 crab for 5 fish trading, but something where you can complete a quest for a npc that needs something often. For example if boars are added in the future, a npc could pay you to get boar meat for in exchange of money and exp.

I’m not saying they should remove repetitive quests at all.
In my opinion, repetitive quests are great.
When you finish story quests or are just farming, repetitive quests are there.

Repetitive quests, however, should be implemented in the story, so that quest itself has some sort of meaning to the story.
Etc. Bounty Hunter gives you randomized quests about killing monsters.

    "The Chicken has been tormenting the citizens of Nilgarf, please kill it."

That way, the player would be more invested in the story while doing the quests which aren’t really even connected to the story.