Quest Logs, Status Effects, and Sprinting

Much of Vesteria is a fantastic game, but there are some quality of life improvements that need to be implemented from my personal experience with the mmo genre.

  1. Quest Log - This. Absolutely this. The only indication of an ongoing quest is when picking up the item needed for the quest, which is insanely small and promptly disappears from the screen. A quest indicator for NPCs would also be another improvement as it becomes confusing for new players for which NPC is actually intractable. Though this last feature is very subjective if the goal was to provide a more immersive experience to offer players.

  2. Status effects indicator - Poison should have a status effect indicator. The regeneration should have a status effect indicator, etc

  3. Stamina bar (sprinting) - While this seems as if it’s a minor feature, a bar to indicate stamina would be helpful. Personally, I like stamina bars as a visual indicator for running away from mobs.

  4. Selling items shouldn’t be so hard - A max-items button to sell all of your current items and not letting the player sell more than the maximum amount of items they hold.

  5. More thorough skill tooltips - They need to show numbers. What does Rock Toss do? It throws rocks, but for how much damage? How many HP does the Regeneration ability do? Double Slash upgrades your basic attack, but how? The same for ability points. A thorough ‘numbered’ explanation from the tooltips would give players greater control over their builds.

All of these features are great, and we’ll be adding them into the game.