[Quest Idea] Lost Glasses

Wrote up a possible Quest since I was bored.


If you haven’t read this, I recommend. lmao

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no offence but those stats seem OP

What would you recommend good sir

uuhhh… like maybe slightly less INT.

also -2 or -1 VIT


+9 INT
-3 VIT

That good?

Woah, that’s a bit of strong language for roblox

Uh it needs a little editing

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I wish I could see the stats, but I can’t seem to find my glasses to read them.

its good-ish

it makes sence for the -3 VIT, for any SNEAKY warriors who need more INT

the +9 INT is good because its a easy quest to do and not hard to find

i would still make the +9 INT into like. 5-7 just not to be too OP

Sin, if the player puts the glasses on, do the glasses have lenses?

Good idea

i just saw the new change sin, lookin good :+1:

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