[QUEST] C:B The Rotten Scarecrow

A Pirate’s Mark

The Rotten Scarecrow

–Located in the middle of a farm plot in Farmlands, a scarecrow with a quest. Unlocked after The Salty Sea Dog quest.

[Bendy Straw]
My name’s Bendy Straw! Mind talking to me?

Who put you up there?
No, I’m busy - [Conversation Ends]

[Bendy Straw]
A boy named Jack put me up here awhile ago, I haven’t seen him sense.

Why’d he put you up there?
I have to go - [Conversation Ends]

[Bendy Straw]

I don’t know, but my straw had begun to rot. Could you patch me up a bit? Bring me some straw from the neighboring piles, that should do.

I’ll be right back, Bendy
Neigh - [Horse appears and kicks player back]

–Player collects a bit of straw from the piles on the farm land

[Bendy Straw]
Thanks pal! It’s been fun talkin’! - [Reward - player reason some coin and a rune to Hunter’s port]

This quest line was inspired by @avoiided and his creative imagination.

These quests have good concepts, but they could use a little more meat to them. Like having 2 or 3 parts for quests on a higher level area or something.

Shhh, boy. Don’t worry, we’ll be doin’ that soon. Gotta start out small.

I should clarify a little, we are writing stuff like that, but I wanted to start out with small casual quests.