[QUEST] C:A The Salty Sea Dog

A Pirate’s Mark

The Salty Sea Dog

–The ol’ pirate is located at Scallop Shores on his ship

[Jack Bonnet]

Arggg, I don’t suppose ye’ ‘ave some ol’ fish for me to fry?

I might, what’s in it for me?
Not for you - [Reply - Rip me ‘eart out why don’t ya]

[Jack Bonnet]
Bring me 50 fish and ’ll make it worth ye while.

What if I don’t? - [Force feed player Pufferfish | Reply - Well ye’ no good scallywag, ‘ll ‘ave you fly!]

–Player collects 50 fish and brings it back to Jack

[Jack Bonnet]
Arrggg, ye’ve made and ol’ dog proud! - [Reward - A few coins and four pufferfish.]

This quest line was inspired by @avoiided and his creative imagination.

Great job as always love your writing no matter if its serious or funny lol!

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Wow, great quest-line!